Alex Chalkias


Alex Chalkias

Alex Chalkias is a Product Manager at Canonical working with data center solutions such as Kubernetes and Ceph. He has 8 years of work experience in telecommunications, project management and IT consulting and has also been involved in projects related to volunteering as a member of the TEDxAthens team. He has a Master’s degree from the school of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Patras. During his studies his main occupations were programming and new technologies, such as Augmented Reality and Human – Computer Interaction. Technology and how it can be used to improve people’s lives is the subject that he is most passionate about. In his spare time, he enjoys tennis and CrossFit, listening to music, good food and coffee.

MicroK8s: Große Dinge kommen in kleinen Paketen

Trotz der steigenden Popularität von Kubernetes ist die Technologie nicht perfekt. Canonical hat Ende 2018 MicroK8s eingeführt, um die Einstiegshürden mit Kubernetes, auch bekannt als K8s, für Entwickler, DevOps-Ingenieure und andere, zu verringern.

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