Klaus Enzenhofer has over five years of experience and expertise in the field of web performance optimisation and user experience management. He works as technical strategist in the centre of excellence team at Compuware APM. In this role he influences the development of the dynaTrace application performance management solution focusing on real user monitoring of web and mobile applications. He is a regular speaker at technology conferences on real user monitoring and performance related topics and has contributed numerous articles and blogs to various print and online publications.

What makes a good app?

Modern users are constantly changing. And they expect the same from their mobile devices. But regardless of the technology, one thing never...

Möglichkeiten der Datentypkonvertierung in C (Teil 3)

Umwandlung per Cast Wie auch schon unter C, ermöglich C# die Umwandlung von Typen mittels Cast-Operation. Dabei wird lediglich der gewünschte Zieldatentyp in Klammern der Quellvariablen vorangestellt.

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