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Basta! 2011

Die BASTA! ist die führende unabhängige Konferenz für Microsoft-Technologien im deutschsprachigen Raum. Durch ihre einmalige Expertendichte, die Aktualität sowie ausgeprägte Praxisrelevanz gehört sie zu den jährlichen Pflichtterminen für Windows- und .NET-Entwickler, Architekten und Projektleiter. Das Konferenzprogramm umfasst die immer größere werdende Technologieplattform der Microsoft-Welt – und darüber hinaus.

26. bis 30. September 2011

Is the free lunch back? Architecting for multiple Core

Writing data access code is dull, EF is Microsofts ORM offering to drastically reduce the expense of writing data access code. Prior to EF 4.0 EF relied on generating entity classes that were tightly coupled to EF. 4.0 introduces the idea of POCO classes, bringing your own classes to EF. Combining POCO support with the repository pattern will keep your application cleanly and testable.

Parallel Pattners

In the same way OO has patterns so does parallel programming. This talk will focus on how you can leverage these patterns with the parallel extensions of .NET 4 and the ones coming in .NET 5.

Version Control Using Subversion and GIT

There are two very powerful and well known version control systems; Subversion and GIT. In this talk you will learn about what each is and what features they offer. Also discussed are how to setup each version control system in the context of a Visual Studio development environment.

The Evolution of a Windows only to Cross Platform .NET

Windows XP support is about to expire, along with many other Microsoft applications. It means you will need to upgrade your software infrastructure. What do you do? Do you upgrade? Or do you look at cross-platform support allowing you to run your current software? This session is a case study of an application called HippoTrader. This platform offers Excel like functionality, interacts with databases, data mines, manages real time news alerts and offers a developer API. Presented are the challenges, and the costs of making an originally Windows only and Windows specific platform into a cross-platform server and client application. This is not a fluff session it will only talk about what works and what does not work!

From VB to JavaScript in one Hour or so

A die-hard language, JavaScript survived also the perfect storm of Silverlight and Flash and qualifies as the language of the future thanks to its cross-platform nature. Always considered a poor language for poor developers, JavaScript grew as the most misunderstood language of the computing era. This talk aims at refreshing your skills about the language basics and modern design patterns.

DataModels, ViewModels & Entities

Mit den Patterns MVVM (Model View ViewModel) und MVC (Model View Controller) kommen Datenobjekte zutage, die hier und dort ganz und gar nicht zu Objekten aus den O/R Mappern passen. Oder doch? Und gab es da nicht auch noch Nachrichtenobjekte bei WCF und weitere DTOs? Was muss ich machen? Was sollte ich machen und was vielleicht lieber nicht. In dieser Session erfahren Sie es.

NuGet: Bringing Gems to .NET

One of the main benefits of Ruby on Rails and it's productivity are the numerous amount of resources in the form of Gems that exist in the community, making integration with existing components easy. We now have something similar in .NET NuGet is the OSS package management solution originated from MS that makes dealing with components, simple, easy and very powerful. See all about it in this talk

Steuerelemententwicklung mit WPF / Silverlight / WP7Daniel

Um die Entwicklung eigener Steuerelemente (Custom Controls) kommt kein WPF-/Silverlight-Entwickler herum. Denkbare Szenarien reichen von einfachen Buttons mit Icon bis hin zu komplexen Gantt-Charts. Diese Session zeigt eine praktische Vorgehensweise auf: Evaluierung von OnBoard Controls und von Drittherstellern, Ausbau bestehender und Erstellung neuer Controls, Vorgehensweisen und Best Practices.

The .NET Garbage Collector: how to live happily with the GC

For many .NET developers the GC generally works in the background largely unnoticed. However, a clear understanding of how the GC works and is tuned is critical to writing efficient .NET code and has a big impact on how you design your code. This talk looks at the GC in terms of how it works and is tuned and gives recommendations of practices that will either help or hinder the GC.

Will HTML5 finally kill off Server-Side Web Applications?

For at least six years we've had the ability to create highly interactive, client-side Ajax applications. Why do developers rarely do it at the enterprise level? Recently a group of technologies - HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript - have come together to make it much easier to build client-side Web applications. Inspired by iPhones and iPads, developers are seeking to create a new experience for users. This is scary new territory for enterprise developers brought up in Java or .NET. Years ago becoming a professional developer meant working with a server-side language and JavaScript was left to designers. We have to give up these prejudices. Why are we so reluctant to make the transition to the world of HTML5? In this talk we'll address the fears and challenges professional developers have about moving to the client-side. And, we'll have a look at the exciting possibilities that moving to the client-side brings.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ALM for Project Managers

Are you a project manager who needs to learn how to take advantage of features built into Microsoft Visual Studio ALM for managing Agile projects? Learn to how to create Product and Sprint Backlogs, how to set up User Stories and break them into Tasks, and how to track effort over time. Come learn everything your team really should be doing to manage projects effectively.

The Scaling Habits of ASP.NET Applications

As our ASP.NET web applications become more and more successful we switch our focus from adding feature to performance, scale and management. Richard has been in the lab studying the scaling habits of the average domestic ASP.NET solution and has emerged to discuss his findings (no applications were actually harmed during the capture of this data). Come and learn where ASP.NET stumbles and how to get it back on its feet. In this session you will learn about the web acceleration equation, identify common ASP.NET bottlenecks, explore solution alternatives, uncover the secret sauce and determine a reasonable strategy for scaling ASP.NET applications.

Introduction to Scrum

In this talk, Certified Professional Scrum Master, Ruth Walther provides you with an introduction to Scrum-- the leading Agile methodology. This talk focuses on successfully managing complex software projects. From the basic to the not so basic, this talk will address the nuts and bolts of Scrum.

LINQ and the Reactive Framework: a powerful new Way to write Code

Reactive Framework is a new library that uses the new IObservable interface and LINQ to create a compelling new programming model that allows you to build "event" based code with declarative LINQ statements. This talk introduces the Reactive Framework and shows how it can greatly simplify your code.

Cross Platform Mobile Development on Windows 7, Android and iOS

.NET gives you a head-start when developing for Mobile Devices. This session shows you how to combine Visual Studio, MonoDevelop and other things to develop for Windows Phone 7, iPad/iPhone and Android. You learn how to set up your development environment, split UI and business layers, do networking and more. You leave with a simple game, and a simple network based app running on multiple devices.

SQL Server und dynamisches Management

Seit der Version 2005 bietet SQL Server Sichten und Funktionen, mit denen er sein Inneres offenbart: Dynamic Management Views (DMV) und Dynamic Management Functions (DMF). Diese Informationen richtig genutzt, erleichtern das Leben als Datenbankadministrator. In dieser Session sehen Sie konkrete Beispiele, die Ihnen auch auf ihrem SQL Server das eine oder andere "Aha" entlocken werden.

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