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Basta! 2012

Die BASTA! ist die führende unabhängige Konferenz für Microsoft-Technologien im deutschsprachigen Raum. Durch ihre einmalige Expertendichte, die Aktualität sowie ausgeprägte Praxisrelevanz gehört sie zu den jährlichen Pflichtterminen für Windows- und .NET-Entwickler, Architekten und Projektleiter. Das Konferenzprogramm umfasst die immer größere werdende Technologieplattform der Microsoft-Welt – und darüber hinaus.

17. bis 21. September 2012

The Windows 8 Application Model

In the session Steve will show how to build a Windows 8 Metro-style application using HTML/JavaScript and C++ and connect it to a Windows Azure component built in C#. He will touch on topics important to Metro development, like WinRT and the store, as well as discussing important Azure services and Phone development.

What's with all the Node?

Node.js has been around for a few years, then boom! A sudden increase in popularity, Microsoft catching wind and supporting it on their cloud platform Azure and suddenly everyone is talking Node.js. As a Java or .NET developer, is this something you should care about? IIs it merely about scalability or is there something else behind it? Is it hype or is it hip? In this session we'll find out.

Tools and Technologies for Going Mobile: iOS, Android, and more

Each mobile platform has its own set of tools and frameworks to build apps. In this talk, we'll discuss the various options you have for building iOS and Android applications and how these map to the skills you may have. We'll also bring to the table the role of "magic" frameworks such as PhoneGap and Titanium and the myth of "write-once-deploy-anywhere".

PDF and Microsoft Word documents: Knowing more about the formats and the possibilities for application

The aim of this presentation is to help developers gain a good understanding of the technology of PDF and the Microsoft Word formats, and the technologies and techniques related to these document formats such as digital signing, image compression, and dynamic behavior in documents using JavaScript. In the first part of the presentation we will cover the organization and internals of the Microsoft Word and PDF formats and in the latter part we will look at some examples of real world application scenarios such as document rendering, document conversion, PDF modification and others implemented using the Gnostice document processing tools.

Required Skills for a Mobile Developer

I believe that in a couple of years nearly any developer will be a mobile developer. In terms of skills that means having clear strength and weakness of mobile solutions and learning the basic architecture of a mobile application. In addition to specific technologies, a mobile developer must gain analysis skills and put the user the center of any planned feature.

What?s New in Windows Azure

Windows Azure is a really powerful platform, and several companies are already taking advantage of that, but Windows Azure is also a growing fast platform that is always providing more and more services for customers allowing them to take more and more advantage of the Cloud. In this session we'll look at the lastest release of Windows Azure and understand exactly what's there and how it can help your business and your decision on going into the cloud.

Tips and Tricks to migrate an existing Application into Windows Azure: From Strategy to Execution

When we talk about Migrating existing Applications a lot of questions appear, and it really depends on a lot of topics like, the type of Database used, the solution architecture, the way that it's making caching and so on. In this session we will talk about some of those problems and how to choose the right strategy for our solution, and how to execute that migration in the several steps, Database, Services, Authentication, Authorization and so on.

The C# Renaissance

There is a lot of stuff going on in the Visual Studio as well as the Windows World. With Windows 8 and Windows Store Apps we expect many changings in C++. In this session Steve will give you an overview over all important facts.

Low Quality Code Is Money Loss Guarantee!

Bad code comes at a cost. It may perhaps bring you sooner to the market, but it will make it harder and expensive for you to stay there. In a world in which 70% of the time is spent in maintaining existing code, not writing maintainable code is a deadly sin. Well written code takes a bit more, but reduces the impact of frequent changes. This is the ROI; and it is even measurable.

Dashboarding: The Developers Role in Data Analysis

Every minute, critical business decisions are made based on data. That said, business intelligence drawn from the data is only as good as the analysis and visualization of the data through dashboards. In this talk, Seth will share insight on how create powerful applications that use dashboards to drive value, convert raw data into answers, and simplify business processes.

Revisiting JavaScript for Serious Client Development

A die-hard language, JavaScript survived also the perfect storm of Silverlight and Flash and qualifies as the language of the future thanks to its cross-platform nature. Always considered a poor language for poor developers, JavaScript grew as the most misunderstood language of the computing era. This talk aims at refreshing your skills about the language basics and modern design patterns.


With a mature and well-understood data store such as Microsoft SQL Server widely deployed and available, why should .NET developers consider NoSQL? One reason often cited is speed and scale. There are other reasons to be thinking about NoSQL for your project. This discussion looks at the other advantages that a NoSQL store built on RDF triple-store technology can offer.

Realtime Communications with Web Sockets

Oh great, yeah, yet another protocol that is supposed to revolutionize the web enabling you to write (not only) web applications, and most likely makes your coffee as well. But the question is, what is WebSockets besides a new buzzword? This is the focus of Christian Gross's session. This presentation is about WebSockets and only WebSockets from top to bottom. You will learn about the details of the protocol, what problems it solves and what scenarios are well suited for WebSockets. If you have ever wondered about this WebSockets thing, then this is the session for you.

Something completely different: Building Network Applications with Node.js

If you read the documentation about node.js you will see that it is used to build real-time scalable and efficient applications using JavaScript. The problem with the sentence is that it seems contradictory. JavaScript is scalable and efficient? Really? The purpose of this session is to outline what Node.js is and how you can use it to build network applications, with a focus on web-based communication - without losing the eye of the enterprise guy. And yes we will be talking about developing asynchronous applications using JavaScript.

The Cloud Opportunity: Unleash your Inner Startup

This era of cloud computing has created immense opportunity for new business. Capital investment is very low and a much smaller team is needed to manage operations. At the same time, the opportunity to scale on demand is right at your fingertips. With a good idea and a small development team you can bootstrap a business in the cloud with little risk, and gather useful feedback from prospective customers to validate your business. This is not limited to small startup companies alone. Every enterprise large and small must find ways to evolve their business - and that's where the inner startup kicks in! In this keynote, Michele will share her experiences with startup businesses in a pre-cloud era - as compared to that experience today with platforms such as Windows Azure. She'll talk about the process to bootstrap a business in the cloud today - discussing idea to code, managing deployment and operations effectively, gathering metrics needed for the business, and estimating pricing and projecting revenues.

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