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Basta! Spring 2011

Die BASTA! ist die führende unabhängige Konferenz für Microsoft-Technologien im deutschsprachigen Raum. Durch ihre einmalige Expertendichte, die Aktualität sowie ausgeprägte Praxisrelevanz gehört sie zu den jährlichen Pflichtterminen für Windows- und .NET-Entwickler, Architekten und Projektleiter. Das Konferenzprogramm umfasst die immer größere werdende Technologieplattform der Microsoft-Welt – und darüber hinaus.

21. bis 25. Februar 2011

Yes or no to SQL?

You might have heard on how bad SQL databases are? Better are databases such as Cassandra! But what are these databases? Some say they are NoSQL databases! But what is that? This session will explain to you with respect to SQL databases what the new world of databases is about. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages.

REST Services with MVC 3

REST is much more than exposing your services as URI endpoints. In this session we will examine what REST is and what it is not. We will learn about the different levels of maturity up to HATEOAS and how we can effectively use REST with MVC to drastically simplify our design.

The best C# Extension Methods

Extension Methods are a powerful C# feature. This session shortly introduces the concept, then goes on to show you the best C# extension methods. Samples all come from the StackOverflow community, and include their ratings. The examples make your source code easier to read and maintain. They range from simple comparisons, date and time handling, serializing, conversion, etc.

Quellcodes der BASTA Spring 2011

Hier finden Sie die Quellcode-Beispiele der Speaker von der BASTA! Spring 2011.

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