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RailsWayCon 2010

RailsWayCon 2010

31. bis 2. Juni 2010

A Testing Survival Guide

My talk will go beyond explaining RSpec or how testing legacy software works. It will show solutions how to integrate various tools and practices so that the BDD apprentices indirect goals of good test coverage, test stability, test suit maintainability and test speed can be achieved. This helps to deliver a well maintainable and functioning software.

Command your Domain

The vast majority of production Rails applications reach a threshold where monolithic application design suffocates business growth and development progress. In this talk I’ll use a refactoring of a hypothetical Accounting application towards a more explicit domain model and less coupled runtime requirements by applying the Event Sourcing pattern.I’ll demonstrate the benefits of lightweight services, letting go of existing and assumed Rails development and deployment practices and how you can accommodate both (No)SQL camps in your stack without breaking a sweat.

SOLID Ruby, SOLID Rails - angewandte Praktiken

Die SOLID Prinzipien aus Agile Software Development, PPP von Robert Martin sind vielen bekannt aber teilweise schwer zu adaptieren - hier wird gezeigt, wie sie sich in Ruby und Rails umsetzen lassen.

10 fun projects to improve your coding skills

In our day job developers are often restricted in the stuff they do. Chances are good that YOU are doing web development, probably in Ruby - like they say: "If all you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail". Broadening your horizon and trying new things will make you a better coder. I will show 10 fun projects to inspire you to leave your traditional field and experiment more.

mongodb and mongomapper 4 real!

Nosql, hype or not? Actually, I don't care. This is a paceful ride through the trenches of using one of those "Document oriented databases" in a real project with real requirements and real problems and real data.

Ruby on Rails Security Updated

In this talk I will show what impact the new Rails 3 will have on the security of your web applications. I will also explain the most important Rails security vulnerabilities of the past months and most likely some examples from real-world applications.

Rails in the Cloud - Lessons learned from building a platform on EC2

Platforms like Amazon EC2 promise scalable and redundant systems for a couple of pennies. As soon as you start to build complex systems or migrate existing apps there are many knobs to set. This talk will explain how you can create and deploy reliable and redundant Rails apps to EC2 and will point out all the little things you need to know. Like how to provision new servers with tools like Chef.

CouchDB on Rails

CouchDB is a document-oriented database that feels very different to the databases Rails usually uses. Not only is storing or querying CouchDB different from what people are used to. Also the patterns for creating scalable and reliable architectures differ from the typical SQL setup. This talk will show how to use Couch in Ruby and how to create scalable setups with replication and clustering.

Dynamic Language VMs: Ruby 1.9

The only efficient way to make the most of something is understanding it's mechanics-a pilot has deep knowledge of many scientific factors and its effects on a plane. Why do so many developers fly blind?We'll take a peek into the Ruby 1.9 VM and touch upon runtime components such as instruction sequences/opcodes, the object mode, Dispatch, VM optimizations,the Memory model and Garbage Collection

Small is Sexy - We need Components in Rails!

Small is Sexy! Components in a Monolithic World After this talk you're gonna be prepared to integrate Cells into your traditional Rails controller, you'll know how components bring back the power of OOP to the view layer and why good software is baked with small pieces. We're gonna study Cells and Caching and why View Inheritance helps you keeping your code simple. As if this wouldn't be enough we're gonna dive into Apotomo which brings stateful widgets to Rails. Be ready to learn a new paradigm!

Rails 3: Dashing to the Finish

In 2009, the Rails Core Team built the core architecture of Rails 3. In 2010, we listened to community feedback and polished, polished, and polished some more. In this talk, Yehuda will talk about how the last months of the Rails 3 release focused on community feedback, communication with plugin authors, and improved rough edges. If you already know the high-level of Rails 3, but are interested in learning what’s been happening recently, definitely come to this talk.

Cross-browser testing in the real world

Most Rails applications must work correctly on many different browser versions. But how do you best automate your browser-level tests? In this talk, Martin compares Selenium, WebDriver and Watir, shares his experience of automated browser tests on hundreds of different sites, and talks about latest developments in open source functional testing tools.

Establishing an integrated JRuby/Rails - Stack in a Legacy environment

The talk is based on a real world Project where an entire Ruby on Rails Stack got sneaked into an old school legacy environment. All challenges faced and experiences gained along the way will be made transparent in this talk. Crashing and uncrashing a social startup

Many of you will have dealed with a Rails application that has become unbearingly slow and error-prone to develop. While pursuing our vision to improve the world, we must have lost track of the details and found ourselves in just that situation. In this talk I will explain how we managed to move forward out of deep technical debt, and present our learnings in form of a general approach you can reuse. I will also mention issues commonly encountered when upgrading Rails to the current version.

Productive Rails development with RubyMine

Creating an intelligent Ruby on Rails IDE is difficult, but JetBrains has managed to accomplish this with RubyMine. The IDE features a smart editor with completion for Ruby code, tests and web code, as well as powerful Rails aware refactorings, debugger, test runner, built-in version control system integration, and much more.

Deliver Software with MacRuby

The talk will focus on the processes and requirements to ship a software, which was written with MacRuby, to the end customer. I will present libraries and tools, that are helpful for this purpose. As BDD apprentice I will also show how BDD can work with MacRuby, e.g. with Bacon, a lightweight RSpec clone. In the end I will point out which challenges are still ahead and what else we can expect.

The State of RESTful Rails

The Rails framework has been among the first to recognize the importance of RESTful HTTP as an ingredient for scalable Web systems. In this session, we'll take inventory of what's offered by Rails 2 and 3, as well as examine what's available to support RESTful clients, servers and intermediaries in the wider Ruby ecosystem. Topics include caching, conditional requests, RESTful middleware, and a demystification of the dreaded "HATEOAS" acronym.

Using jQuery with Rails

Rails 3 has added support for choosing a JavaScript library, but did you know that the jQuery driver exposes additional client-side functionality? In this talk, Yehuda will show how you can extend the built-in functionality with existing behavior, as well as useful patterns for using jQuery with normal Rails applications.

Rails Coding Dojo

Kampfkünste lernt man in einem Dojo. Und Katas - feste Übungsformen - gehören dazu. Dies ist ein Coding Dojo für RoR: Eine definierte Aufgabe wird mehrmals durchgeführt - von Teilnehmern und Veranstaltern. Dabei lernen alle Anwesenden neue Techniken, Kniffe und neue Ansichten.

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