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WebTech 2010

Die WebTech Conference beleuchtet eine Fülle technischer und methodischer Konzepte, die für den Erfolg im Web heute von großer Bedeutung sind. Neben ihrer Kompetenz für Responsive Webdesign (mit HTML5) und JavaScript steht die Konferenz auch für moderne Architektur- und Methodenthemen wie agile Vorgehensweisen, Continuous Delivery und DevOps.

Sämtliche Themen werden von mehr als 60 erfahrenen Speakern vorgetragen, die ihr Wissen an die Teilnehmer weitergeben und bei zahlreichen Networking-Gelegenheiten für Dialog und Diskussion zur Verfügung stehen.

11. bis 13. Oktober 2010

Human APIs, expanding the (mobile) Web to the Real World

Have you ever wondered why we, JavaScript developers, are not able to access real hardware through the browser? Did you ever dream about controlling your home appliances via your JavaScript, HTML, CSS based native mobile application? Well, your dreams are heard and finally, now you are able to do all this.

Distributed Identities with OpenID

The era of many separated logins and identities in the web is slowly coming to an end. Currently many of the big players are spurring this on with their own proprietary solutions, but open standards are starting to get more support as well with OpenID being the most promising one. In this session I will show how OpenID works for users and developers, where it currently fails and how OpenID is planned to evolve in the future.

App vs. Widget: The Mobile Web taking over?

Currently apps are hyped, HTML5 is picking up ... will it take over? Is the app store only a temporary thing? Most apps can be built using web technologies. More and more APIs are coming to the browser. Will a native app still be around in the future, do we need them or just the company that gets the 30% share off of every app?

jQuery's Data Storage

jQuery is one of the most used JavaScript frameworks. It provides almost every feature a modern framework should give you (e.g. like easy extentability). This talk will not be about these obvious features, but it goes for one of the not so presented features, the It give you a detail tour how this function works and why it is so useful.

The Mobile Future - W3C Widget Runtimes, Native APIs and beyond

Web technologies, Widget Runtimes, HTML5, JavaScript, JIL, BONDI, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, etc. - if you have ever heard about one of them you know that the mobile web is going all those directions. In this session I will give you an overview where Widget Runtimes are today, what devices you can reach, what means a developer has to develop and debug. You will see how widgets can also go where no widget runtimes are and what the future will bring.

Lessons learned from building a Platform on EC2

Platforms like Amazon EC2 promise scalable and redundant systems for a couple of pennies. As soon as you start to build complex systems or migrate existing apps there are many knobs to set. This talk will explain how you can create and deploy reliable and redundant applications to EC2 and will point out all the little things you need to know. Like how to automatically provision new servers with tools like Chef.

Opening up the Social Web - Standards that are bridging the Islands

Social networks are not closed off to the rest of the web anymore. Various standards like ActivityStreams, PubSubHubbub, WebFinger, OpenSocial, Salmon, OEmbed, XAuth or OExchange are emerging to open them up to other websites. I will introduce these protocols, show how they work together, how you can benefit from them and give an outlook on how they will change the world of social networks.

Lesser known Security Problems in PHP Applications (2010 Edition)

When the security of PHP applications is in focus usually standard XSS vulnerabilities, SQL Injections, Remote File Inclusions, Header Injections and CSRF are discussed. However there are a number of different vulnerability classes and non obvious exploitation paths that are as dangerous but lesser known.

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