From Java To The Cloud

From Java to the Cloud

Join the Journey - Live From JAX LONDON!

Live on 4. October 2023 | 11:30 - 16:45

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Make Your Journey to the Cloud Even More Successful

Java developers have long arrived in the cloud age.

Join us on 04. October 2023 at 11:30 to sit down with our experts Ram Lakshmanan, Kevin Goldsmith, Ted Neward, Erik Wilde as they discuss the topics: 

  • 7 JVM Arguments of Highly-effective Applications
  • The Inspiring Synergy Between Software Developers and Emerging Technologies
  • A Guide to Ballerina
  • CloudEvents: One Event to Rule Them All

Get new inspiration from the experts at JAX London and learn how to make your journey to the cloud even more successful.


There are more than 600 arguments that you can pass to JVM just for garbage collection and memory. That’s way too many arguments for anyone to digest and comprehend.

In this session, we will highlight seven essential JVM parameters that will improve the performance of your application.

Join us for an enlightening keynote presentation that will demonstrate how software developers and emerging technologies have a rich history of collaboration, even when it initially seems that new advancements might threaten the profession. 

We will journey through the past, illustrating how developers have confronted these fears and ultimately emerged stronger and more versatile. We will discuss the evolution of software development, highlighting instances when groundbreaking technologies initially sparked apprehension, only to eventually create new and exciting opportunities for developers. Moreover, we will explore how contemporary innovations can be harnessed to enhance and elevate your work.

Prepare for real-life examples and thought-provoking discussions that will invigorate your enthusiasm for the future of software development. By the end of the presentation, you will have gained fresh insights on how to grow and adapt as a developer, embracing the latest advancements to propel your career forward.

Despite the frivolity implied by its name, Ballerina, like the dancers, is a graceful language with surprising elegance and strength inside a slender frame. Ballerina is a language designed from the ground up for the world of Web 2.0, with built-in support for HTTP endpoints, JSON data types, and an input format–either textual or graphical–that makes it perfect for building platform clients and implementations.

In this session, we will go over the Ballerina language and environment, and explore what a language „built for the Web“ looks like.

API management and governance in API landscapes are distinctively different from just looking at individual APIs. All the aspects of individual API apply as well, but there is the added aspect of achieving some coherence across the landscape. With this coherence, API designers and producers can more easily reuse design pattern and tooling, whereas API consumers can more easily understand APIs because they share design principles and building blocks.

In the case of Event-Driven Architecture (EDA), the boundaries between APIs tend to be more blurry since event brokers are often part of the landscape. CloudEvents establish a vocabulary and representations for describing event data across events and event producers. We’ll take a look at the standard itself and the most important vocabulary terms.

Ram Lakshmanan


Kevin Goldman


Ted Neward

Neward & Associates

Erik Wilde


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