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O’Reillys MySQL Conference 2010 verpasst? Wer vom 12. bis 15. April nicht in Santa Clara vor Ort sein konnte oder aus anderen Gründen nicht alle Sessions gleichzeitig zu besuchen vermochte, der darf sich

O’Reillys MySQL Conference 2010 verpasst? Wer vom 12. bis 15. April nicht in Santa Clara vor Ort sein konnte oder aus anderen Gründen nicht alle Sessions gleichzeitig zu besuchen vermochte, der darf sich jetzt mit einem besonders kräftigen Händedruck bei Sheeri Cabral bedanken – die Pythian-Mitarbeiterin hat sich nämlich die Mühe gemacht, alle aufgezeichneten Videos, Slides und Links zur Konferenz zusammenzutragen. Das Ergebnis gibt es sauber aufbereitet in einer kleinen Tabelle; kleinere Lücken sollen im original Beitrag noch nachgebessert werden.

TitelSpeakerSlidesVideoDetails (Link)


State of the DolphinEdward Screven (Oracle)29:10session 12440
O’Reilly RadarTim O’Reilly36:38session 12441
MySQL at FacebookMark Callaghan (Facebook)21:05session 14841
State of MariaDBMonty Widenius (Monty Program Ab)41:54session 12443
State of DrizzleBrian Aker (Data Differential)44:58session 12442
Keynote: Under New Management: Next Steps for the CommunitySheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)18:16session 14808
State of the MySQL CommunityKaj Arnö (Sun Microsystems GmbH)38:06session 12498
The Engines of CommunityJono Bacon (Canonical, Ltd)47:51session 14796
The Best of Ignite MySQLSarah Novotny, Gerry Narvaja, Gillian Gunson, Mark Atwood23:25
RethinkDB: Why Start a New Database Company in 2010Slava Akhmechet (RethinkDB), Michael Glukhovsky (RethinkDB)44:49session 14891

Ignite Talks

TitleSpeakerSlidesVideoDetails (Link)
Backups Don’t Make Me MoneySarah Novotny (Blue Gecko)6:52Also in Best of Ignite
Calpont’s InfiniDBRobin Schumacher (Calpont)6:40
A Future [for MySQL]Mark Callaghan (Facebook)6:37
A Guide to NoSQLBrian Aker (Data Differential)6:27
Guide to NoSQL, reduxMark Atwood (Gear6)4:22Also in Best of Ignite
The Gunson Rules of Database AdministrationGillian Gunson6:08Also in Best of Ignite
MariaDB: 20 slides, 5 minutes, the full MontyMonty Widenius (Monty Program Ab)6:18
MySQLtuner 2.0Sheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)PDF5:31
“Painting” Data with Entrance (free) and MySQLTod Landis (dbEntrance Software)5:11
Three Basic Laws of DB DiagnosisGerry Narvaja (OpenMarket, Inc)2:33Also in Best of Ignite
What is the difference between XtraDB and others?Baron Schwartz (Percona)6:59
What is a Performance Model for SSD’s?Bradley C. Kuszmaul (Tokutek)7:00


TitleSpeakerSlidesVideoDetails (Link)
Why having InnoDB and MySQL in the same company will improve performance, the way Drizzle leaves the past behind, and other issues in MySQL Development. Kaj Arnö (MySQL)10:40
What’s hard to optimize in MySQL, how they’ve improved performance, and what’s in the performance schema.Peter Gulutzan3:01
Write-scaling, MySQL performance in an EC2 cloud, why they wrote the book MySQL High Availability.Charles Bell, Mats Kindahl, and Lars Thalmann7:04
How third-party ads make web sites slow, why mobile devices are the next frontier in Web performance.Steve Souders, Web performance expert7:12
Attractions of Gearman, the adaptation of database technology to large multi-core and multi-node environments, and what relational databases are and are not great for.Brian Aker9:01
Thoughts on Drizzle and MySQLSheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)9:22
Democratic culture of Monty Program ABHenrik Ingo (Monty Program AB)2:20
Thoughts on democratic companies and his role is in coding and managementMonty Widenius (Monty Program Ab)8:52
How MariaDB emerged as a superset of MySQL, and development issues.Kurt von Finck (MontyProgram Ab)7:23


TitlePresenterSlidesVideo link
Details (Conf. site link)
MySQL Configuration Options and Files: Basic MySQL Variables (Part 1)Sheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)PDF1:25:04, pre-break

1:35:47, post-break
session 12408
MySQL Configuration Options and Files: Intermediate MySQL Variables (Part 2)Sheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)PDF1:25:04, pre-break

1:24:28, post-break
session 12435



TitleSpeakerSlidesVideoDetails (Link)
Advanced Sharding Techniques with SpiderKentoku Shiba () and Daniel Saito (MySQL)39:55session 12619
Boosting Database Performance with GearmanEric Day (Rackspace Cloud), Giuseppe Maxia (MySQL)46:18session 13310
High Concurrency MySQLDomas Mituzas (Facebook)PDF49:53session 13285
High-throughput MySQLMark Callaghan (Facebook), Ryan Mack (Facebook), Ryan McElroy (Facebook)57:31session 13223
Introduction to InnoDB Monitoring System and Resource & Performance TuningJimmy Yang (Oracle Corporation)ZIP40:49session 13508
Linux Performance Tuning and Stabilization TipsYoshinori Matsunobu (Sun Microsystems)slideshare.net48:45session 13252

Debugging and Reactive/Proactive Monitoring

TitleSpeakerSlidesVideoDetails (Link)
Better Database Debugging for Shorter DowntimesRob Hamel (Pythian)PDF33:13 session 13021
Continual Replication SyncDanil Zburivsky (Pythian)ODP45:57session 13428
Find Query Problems Proactively With Query ReviewsSheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)PDF45:59session 13267
Monitoring Drizzle or MySQL With DTrace and SystemTapPadraig O’Sullivan (Akiba Technologies Inc.)PDF42:33session 12472

Security / Risk Management

TitleSpeakerSlidesVideoDetails (Link)
Achieving PCI Compliance with MySQLRyan Lowe (Percona)PPTX58:24session 12484
Security Around MySQLDanil Zburivsky (Pythian)ODP37:27session 13458
Securich – A Security and User Administration plugin for MySQLDarren Cassar (Trading Screen Inc)PDF54:05session 13351

Other DBA-related

TitleSpeakerSlidesVideoDetails (Link)
Galera – Synchronous Multi-master Replication For InnoDBSeppo Jaakola (Codership), Alexey Yurchenko (Codership) PDF47:39session 13286
Large Deployment Best PracticesNicklas Westerlund (Electronic Arts)40:37session 12567
MySQL Cluster: An IntroductionGeert Vanderkelen (Sun Microsystems)PDF47:30session 12469
Migration From Oracle to MySQL : An NPR Case StudyJoanne Garlow (National Public Radio)PPT34:35session 13404
New Replication FeaturesMats Kindahl (Sun Microsystems), Lars Thalmann (MySQL)PDF53:32session 12451
Successful and Cost Effective Data Warehouse… The MySQL WayIvan Zoratti (MySQL)PDF1:00:25session 13343
The Thinking Person’s Guide to Data Warehouse DesignRobin Schumacher (Calpont)slideshare.net59:50session 13366
Using DrizzleEric Day (Rackspace Cloud), Monty Taylor (Rackspace Cloud)58:21session 13308

Other Developer-related

TitleSpeakerSlidesVideoDetails (Link)
Connecting MySQL and PythonGeert Vanderkelen (Sun Microsystems)PDF54:56session 13251
MySQL Plugin API: New FeaturesSergei Golubchik (MariaDB)ZIP40:14session 13143
PHP Object-Relational Mapping Libraries In ActionFernando Ipar (Percona)PDF49:45session 12489
Scalability and Reliability Features of MySQL Connector/JMark Matthews (Oracle), Todd Farmer (Oracle Corporation)PDF39:07session 12448
Time Zones and MySQLSheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)PDF45:54session 12412
Using Visual Studio 2010MySQL Reggie Burnett (Oracle), Mike Frank (Oracle)ZIP37:53session 13365

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