Live von der Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 in Berlin

Livestream heute um 14 Uhr: Learning and unlearning – What it takes to adopt Blockchain
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Heute um 14 Uhr startet der dritte Livestream von der Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 in Berlin. Im Panel diskutieren unsere Speaker: Learning and unlearning – What it takes to adopt Blockchain

Wer nicht an der Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 in Berlin teilnehmen kann, kann eine Keynote und zwei Panels live online mit verfolgen. Alle vergangenen Streams können übrigens weiterhin auf YouTube angesehen werden.

Der dritte Livestream beginnt heute, am Mittwoch (21.11.) um 14 Uhr: Learning and unlearning – What it takes to adopt Blockchain
Zu den Teilnehmern dieses Panels gehören: Michael Kolain (Research Institute for Public Administration), Peter Lawrey (Chronicle Software), Sebastian Meyen (Software & Support Media), Ingo Rammer (Thinktecture), Vinita Rathi (Systango).

As blockchain becomes mainstream, the public often develops incorrect ideas about it—much is understated as well as overstated.
In this panel, we will discuss the biggest misconceptions about blockchain, as well as the most common pitfalls that developers and product managers fall into. In order to avoid pitfalls, we have to unlearn behaviors that get us there in the first place. How can we change our mentality to avoid those holes? Attendees are invited to join the conversation about how we can propel these ideas into action.

Last but not least, the panelists will exchange views on the bad habits we must unlearn when approaching blockchain. Are there any common practices that are holding us back from reaching the full potential that blockchain has to offer? What do we need to get started implementing the blockchain, and how can we rally our developers and product managers on board? What will you do with blockchain technology tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that? All these questions will be answered during the panel.

Los ging es mit Ingo Rammer und der Eröffnungskeynote: Blockchain 2018 – Where are we today? Ab 9 Uhr hier live.

In this keynote session, Ingo summarizes the current state of the art and the minimum set of questions every project needs to ask itself before choosing blockchain technologies. He’ll discuss the underlying landscape of public and private blockchain tools, which you’ll hear about throughout the conference. You’ll hear about the ecologic and economic impact of different consensus algorithms (and why the often publicized „mining cost“ is not relevant in most business projects) and why the creation of a private blockchain network is less a technical question and more a question of governance models. You’ll leave with a technological roadmap on which you can base your session selection for the remaining days of the conference.

Am Dienstag haben wir ebenfalls eine Panel-Diskussion übertragen: State of the Art – Where does the German Blockchain ecosystem stand? Diese Frage diskutieren Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katarina Adam,(HTW Berlin), Paul Claudius (BlockState AG), Ha Duong (Cambrial Capital), Dr. Philipp Giese (BTC-ECHO), Ingo Rammer (Thinktecture), Vinita Rathi (Systango).

Where does the German blockchain ecosystem stand on the international scene? What opportunities does this technology offer not only to startups but also to medium-sized businesses? What can and should politicians do to ensure that Germany does not miss the boat? These and other questions will be discussed by our blockchain experts in an interdisciplinary panel. Before we dive into this conversation, attendees will be presented with the results of a recent study by BTC-ECHO and BlockState on the German blockchain ecosystem; the figures will help lead the discussion. The audience is warmly invited to ask questions and join the discussion.

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