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What’s with the buzz about using social media for business?
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With so much noise and myths out there about social media for businesses, anyone can feel overwhelmed by the flood of information. Question is: What do you need to understand about social media to give your brand a competitive edge? Carmudi shares with you the benefits of using social media to gain traction and generate leads for your site.

Today it seems that presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is a must. And If you are running an online business and using social media, you are part of the 93% who are doing the same exact thing to market their brand. Now, the question is: What do you need to understand about social media to give your brand a competitive edge? Carmudi, offering means to buy and sell cars online, shares its expertise.

Build a relationship with your customers

Social media is the perfect tool to reach out to your customers and understand how they perceive your product. Before the likes of Facebook and Twitter arrived, people might have just glanced at your product and walked the other way, leaving you in the dark, questioning why your product was not appealing enough to them. You can understand and respond to individual cases through the use of social media (be it comments or critics), giving you much more insightful results. To take customer feedback seriously and to be committed to it has a thoroughly positive effect, as it lets your customers know that there is a personality behind your brand.

Carmudi believes that once you have built relationships with customers, it allows you to grow customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty towards your brand. We consider every critical comment or feedback more valuable than the praise we receive as it helps us to improve the quality of our business, in particular, making the online car-shopping experience easier in emerging markets.

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Target the right audience

By tailoring the content you share to the right target audience instead of the old, medieval trick of blasting marketing and PR emails to your contact database, you are able to share whatever updates you have going on in your business to the correct people, according to their exact age, interests, and other demographics you are targeting. Customers in our markets usually consider selling or buying a new car every 3 to 7 years. Making sure that our content reaches those customers when they start their research is crucial as the decision to use our services falls within that time frame.

Carmudi’s Global Head of Online Marketing, Enrico Ferrari, says “Social Media is becoming more and more the primary source of information and the place where people discover things. Successful marketers are those who know how to deliver the right content, to the right audience, when it matters.”

Social media provides you with a higher chance to convert more customers. Every status, photo, video, or link that you post is a possible gateway for customers to react, hopefully leading them to visit your site. Keep in mind that even though every interaction with your brand may not always lead to a conversion, every positive interaction may lead to a final conversion.

Stay relevant

By putting your business on social media, you are making your company, products or services available anytime, anywhere to your customers. They will have all they need from your business at their fingertips. By using social media, our customers have access to information on the purchase and sale of cars, be it tips on what they need to know before insuring their next car or how much their car will depreciate over the years.

With the rapid growth of social media usage, the sooner you learn and understand its many possibilities, the better it will be. Once you’ve got social media marketing in hand, and have executed it well, it will lead to more customers that are aware of your business, more traffic to your main site, and will eventually lead to conversions.

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