Modern Web APIs with Node.js & TypeScript: iJS-Session von Manuel Rauber

Full Stack Development: Modern Web APIs with Node.js & TypeScript
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Moderne Web APIS mit Node.js und TypeScript erstellen: Auf der International JavaScript Conference 2017 sprach Manuel Rauber (Thinktecture) über dieses Thema und zeigte, wie man mit wenigen Zeilen Code APIs der „nächsten Generation“ erstellen kann.

TypeScript war ein wichtiges Thema auf der International JavaScript Conference 2017. In diversen Sessions ging es um den JavaScript-Dialekt und die Möglichkeiten, die er Entwicklern bietet. Auch die Session von Manuel Rauber war dabei keine Ausnahme: In seiner Session „Modern Web APIs with Node.js & TypeScript“ demonstriert der Speaker live, wie Web-APIs gebaut und mit einer Datenbank verbunden werden.

Der Speaker: Manuel Rauber

Manuel Rauber works as a consultant at Thinktecture AG. He loves creating mobile cross-platform applications with HTML5 and JavaScript using Angular, Cordova and Electron in the frontend and Node.js or .NET in the backend. He writes regularly for the German Windows Developer magazine and publishes on his blog ( to share his experiences. In his spare time he volunteers for Hackerstolz e.V. ( – a club to encourage digital culture in Germany. For his community activities he was awarded as MVP by Microsoft. You can reach him via Twitter @manuelrauber.

Die Session: Modern Web APIs with Node.js & TypeScript

Modern frontends are using Single-Page Applications like Angular or React communicating with some light-weight Web APIs in the background. Thanks to Node.js we can speak one language in both worlds: JavaScript … or even TypeScript! Within this session Manuel Rauber does lots of live coding to show you how to build modern and light-weight Web APIs based on Node.js with TypeScript and connect them to a database using an ORM called TypeORM. A few lines of code are needed to create a “next generation” Web API.

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