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IPC 2019 Livestream: Keynote „RTFM“ von Jessica Mauerhan
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„RTFM“ – lies das verdammte Handbuch! Das gibt es auch für knorrige und unkommunikative Programmierer. Aber sind diese Stereotypen überhaupt wahr? Jessica Mauerhan möchte in ihrer Keynote für eine mitfühlende und respektvolle Kommunikation werben.

Am ersten Konferenztag der IPC und der gleichzeitig stattfindenden iJS in München gibt es eine Keynote von Jessica Mauerhan. Verfolgen Sie die Session im Livestream:

Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2019: RTFM

There is a stereotype of programmers as being antisocial and difficult, and unfortunately many of us take on this attitude as if it comes with the job – but it doesn’t have to be this way! I know it from experience, because I’ve been an angry, judgmental know-it-all, and I’m ready to tell you how I completely changed my attitude and refactored my life.

In this talk I’ll explain how anger and fear are the root causes of our aggressive behavior, how these feelings manifest as judgmental comments online, bullying in the workplace and ultimately keep the tech community toxic and stunted. I’ll show you how embracing compassion, respect, and empathy will make you a better programmer and a happier person.

Die Sprecherin

Jessica Mauerhan (Skillshare) is a software engineer who has been working with PHP and related technologies for 15 years. She enjoys mentoring fellow engineers in automated testing, test driven development, and quality code design. She lives in McKinney Texas with her family and loves coffee, comedy and podcasts.

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