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Internet Tomorrow – Expectations for the Next Billion: iJS-Keynote ab 9 Uhr im Livestream
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Wer diese Woche nicht auf der iJS und IPC in München sein kann, kann sich die Keynotes trotzdem live ansehen: Heute ab 9 Uhr im Stream: Keerthana Krishnan, Software Engineer: Internet Tomorrow – Expectations for the Next Billion.

Der Dienstag ist der erste Hauptkonferenztag der International JavaScript Conference und International PHP Conference in München. Nachdem wir heute morgen bereits über die Eröffnung berichtet haben, geht es nun weiter mit der dritten Keynote der Konferenz weiter. Ab 9  Uhr im Livestream:

Keerthana Krishnan, Software Engineer: Internet Tomorrow – Expectations for the Next Billion.

The growth of internet usage in developing countries has been very uneven, with adoption focussing mainly in urban centres. But this is a trend that is rapidly changing in areas like South Asia and Africa. As billions of users get added to this ecosystem by 2020, many of them using technology for the first time, it brings with it a ton of new challenges. As the internet expands to accommodate a larger user base in Asia, huge gaps are created between what the consumers want and what engineers build as a digital solution.

This talk focuses on exploring how we can give the best performance for users from these areas by considering their usage patterns and behaviours, with a special focus on mobile performance

How can we build websites for illiterate people?
How can we improve the performance of our websites in spite of terrible infrastructure?
How can we come together to make the best digital experience we can for the people who have only started embracing the internet recently?
Because they will be the users of tomorrow.

Franziska Hinkelmann, Google: Speed, Speed, Speed: JavaScript vs C++ vs WebAssembly

In Node.js, we can use WebAssembly modules and native C++ addons. If your app has performance critical parts, should you stay in JavaScript? Or write a native C++ addon? Or use WebAssembly? We’ll look at how these options compare performance wise and which one is best for different workloads. So the next time you need to optimize for speed, you know your options.

Die Speakerin: Franziska Hinkelmann

Franziska Hinkelmann is a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee and an expert on ES6 performance. She has a Ph.D. in mathematics and is a software engineer at Google on the Cloud Platform team in New York City. Previously, she was on the Chrome V8 team. When she’s not working hard on making Node.js better on the Cloud Platform, she’s probably out riding horses.

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