1Password: Free password security has arrived for Android users
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The popular password manager 1Password has arrived in an Android version. The app, which was previously only avaiable to iPhone users, will also be available for free until August 1, 2014.

The app by AgileBits saves unique passwords for all accounts via a smartphone app or desktop browser add-on. The producers have announced the app will be available „as soon as Google’s servers update.“ Prior to the release of 1Password, Android users had little choice in password management apps.

Up to half of smartphone users don’t use passwords

As the debate surrounding data security continues, password security has become an increasingly important topic for smartphone users. Nevertheless, many users are still irritated by the need for multiple password. Between 36% and 50% of smartphone users have no password protection on the smartphone, according to a recent surveys

1Password is designed to counteract the difficulties that ensue following security vulnerabilities like the Heartbleed SSL flaw. By creating and saving complex account-specific passwords, 1Password gives access to as many accounts as the user needs with only one password. The app can also save bank details and credit card numbers, as well as for secret notes.

The app’s share function can be used for sharing company passwords, such as for Wi-Fi or social media accounts.

1Password’s encryption mechanisms make it difficult to hack, and depending on the length of the user’s master password, it can take a password cracking software like John the Ripper between one and 5,400 trillion years to hack the account.

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