3 co-working spaces you need to see
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It’s no coincidence that Berlin is both Europe’s startup and co-working capital. With close to 70 different shared offices populated by freelancers and entrepreneurs from around the world, Berlin contributes a third of Germany’s co-working spaces.
Each with its own unique flair, St. Oberholz, Weserland and Agora are three spaces that are changing what it means to ‘co-work’.

St. Oberholz

Where Soundcloud was founded

Nowhere else in Berlin will you find such a dense population of MacBooks. Known for the bustling café and bar on the ground floor, St. Oberholz is actually five floors of co-working spaces, conference rooms and apartments.

Dozens of businesses were founded here, making the St. Oberholz house is a landmark in Berlin’s startup scene.

The SoundCloud founders liked the location so much, they’re still based out of the same neighbourhood (albeit in slightly larger offices).

“You never know whether the person sitting next to you is just selling something on Ebay, writing a future bestseller or working on the idea for Berlin’s next big start-up.”
Ansgar Oberholz

With its conference rooms and workshop apartments, St. Oberholz also caters to international meetings and extended development sessions. To prevent a rapid turnover of workers, St. Oberholz rents its desks on a monthly basis only, making the place safer and people more familiar. Alone the view from the three balconies onto Rosenthaler Platz is worth the visit.

Oberholz Co-Working

© Robert Kittel/Andreas Louca

  • Where: Rosenthaler Platz, Mitte
  • Monthly rate: €99 (nights and weekends only), €159 (24/7)
  • Open: 24/7 access with your own key
  • Highlights: The podcast recording chamber, balcony overlooking Rosenthaler Platz and sound-insulating telephone booths.


Where time stands still

If co-working spaces had existed in the 1920s, they might have looked something like this. With its wooden interior and rustic charm, Weserland is the right choice for any low-budget freelancer that likes the unpretentious look and feel of Neukölln.

It’s the kind of working space where you’re likely to forget that you’ve been working. And if you find yourself settling in for the night, the space is also available to rent for private supper clubs and workshops.

WeserLand Co-Working

© Weserland/Jacqueline Schulz

Where: Weserstraße 21, ‘Kreuzkölln’

  • Daily rate: €10
  • Monthly rate: €75 (floating space), €200 (fixed desk)
  • Open: 24/7
  • Highlights: The meeting room with a hammock, antique wooden furniture and Landwehrkanal in walking distance.

Agora Collective

Where the learning never stops

Four floors of workshops, events, art exhibitions, life-drawing classes and co-working: Agora is about far more than co-working. Populated by a mixture of entrepreneurs, freelancers and artists, there is no audience that this collective does not appeal to. The collective even has its own artist-in-residence program as well as a café.

Flooded with light, Agora’s open-plan co-working spaces cater both to those who enjoy quiet concentration and those that like to make new friends while they work.

Agora Collective

© Agora Collective

  • Where: Mittelweg 50, Neukölln
  • Daily rate: €14 (€10 after 4 days)
  • Monthly rate: €156 (floating space), €228 (fixed desk)
  • Open: Mon-Sat, 9-5 (24/7 co-working access available)
  • Highlights: The ongoing events and workshops, the building itself and the ‘on-campus’ café.

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