5 marketing lessons learned at the Webinale
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As the Webinale conference in Berlin draws to a close, WebMagazin has picked five of the most useful marketing tips we collected from speakers Robert Seeger, Björn Tantau and Stefan Weiß.

1. Customer satisfaction is not enough.

It’s not enough to make people happy. Your customers need to be absolutely passionate about your products. Love is the most important social media KPI (key performance indicator), says Robert ‚Webinator‘ Seeger from Austria.

„Apple fans are like Bayern Munich fans“, the marketing expert tells his audience in a thick Austrian accent. They stay loyal no matter how often you disappoint them, because they love your product. That’s why we need to think of people less as customers and more as fans.

2. Think about your strategy.

When you put a QR code at the entrance of a hotel, don’t put it on an automatic sliding door. And don’t just link to the hotel’s website. Your customers shouldn’t be the first people to go through your marketing experience, says the ‚Webinator‘. Test the user experience and make sure there’s some benefit for the customer.

3. Social first is bullshit.

Your own website is far more important, says Seeger. Successfully integrating your social media presence into your web presence will allow users to both enjoy your content and share it at the same time, without leaving your site.

4. Social networks are only a bonus.

In a parallel talk at the Webinale, Björn Tantau has similar advice for his audience, in a slightly more comprehensible accent.

„Social networks should only be seen as a bonus,“ says Tantau, who reminds us that our external traffic, no matter how fun and friendly, needs to link back to our own website. There’s no guarantee your social media manager will disagree with this point, however.

5. Don’t underestimate the importance of fun

Visuals and UX matter, especially when it comes to banking, says Stefan Weiß, Bitcoin expert and the mayor of Munich (in Second Life albeit). Technology is growing quickly, „You can pay with your mobile fun. But it just isn’t any fun yet.“ Weiß says financial technology (or ‚fintech‘) has to be presented as fun before gains popularity.

Feature image: marketing word on conceptual compass isolated on white background via Shutterstock / copyright: donskarpo

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