5 World Cup memes trending right now
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Football fever is running rampant on Facebook and Twitter as fans are instantly responding to match incidents with original and funny memes.

A few social media accounts have even sprung up dedicated to tracking World Cup trends on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are five of the biggest World Cup memes that you may have missed.

1. Brazil’s opening own goal

Brazil’s Marcelo Vieira scored not only the first goal of the World Cup 2014, but the first own goal too.

2. Van Persing’s header dive

Van Persing’s memorable goal for the Netherlands in the match against Spain has transformed the player into the ‚Flying Dutchman‘ on social media, and even merited its own hashtag: #vanpersing

3. Mexico’s magic keeper

Guillermo Ochoa’s memorable save in the Mexico vs. Brazil match inspired a batch of new memes. One Twitter user even went a step further and gave Ochoa some striking facial hair to resemble Gandalf.

4. Ronaldo crying

In contrast to his testosterone-filled, bare-chested antics during Barcelona’s 4-1 win against Madria in the Champions League final, Ronaldo has gone back to crying following Germany’s 4-0 defeat of Portugal.

5. Clint Dempsey’s broken nose

The USA’s Clint Dempsey scored the fastest goal of the World Cup so far in the USA vs Ghana match, just 30 seconds after kick off. Dempsey then continued to play the match after breaking his nose. His relentless energy has spurned several memes.

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Featured image: Group of happy German soccer fans holding smartphones. via Shutterstock. Copyright: mangostock

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