App tip: Read emails faster with Mailbox
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Designed for Gmail and iCloud users, Mailbox is a mail app by Dropbox that improves the email experience with clean and simple functions.

By ‘snoozing’ emails, the app allows users to postpone non-urgent emails until later. The email then pops back into your inbox when you have time to read it.

Previously only available for iOS users, the popular app was launched on Android earlier this month.

It’s all in the swipe

Swipe right to delete or archive, swipe left to ‘snooze’ an email until later. Not only is it intuitive, but Mailbox’s swipe system is also intelligent. With every swipe, the app learns your most common actions and automates them in future. So if you keep postponing your mother’s emails, the app will do this automatically when you swipe left.

Orchestra, the company originally behind Mailbox, was acquired by Dropbox last year. That means if you don’t already have a dropbox account, you’ll need one to use the app.

Mailbox’s lack of an autosave or draft function continues to bother many users, but the overall user experience shows a lot of innovation where the Gmail and iOS native mail apps are lacking.

Mailbox is available for free download on Google Play and the App Store.

Mailbox screenshot


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