Banksy’s take on the Snowden revelations
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The UK’s intelligence agency is the latest subject of a work of street art by anonymous artist Banksy. The mural depicts three conspicuous spies eavesdropping a telephone booth with large recording devices. The artwork, which was first discovered last Sunday on the side of a house in Cheltenham, was painted in close proximity to the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters.

This is Banksy’s first artistic commentary on the debate about online spying, although he has previously created several works of street art that comment on the use of CCTV surveillance in London.

The discovery coincides with the Pulitzer Prize being awarded to the The Guardian and Washington Post for their aggressive reporting on Snowden’s revelations about online spying.

Although the NSA has been the main focus of the debate surrounding Snowden’s revelations about online spying, Britain’s GCHQ has come under much criticism for measures such as collecting private Yahoo webcam images and spying on foreign politicians during the 2009 G-20 summit.

Feature image: Famous Banksy CCTV Graffiti via Shutterstock / Copyright: Jeremy Reddington

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