.berlin domain launches
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As of 11:00 today, March 18th, websites registered with the domain name .berlin are permitted to go live. Berlin is the first capital city to receive its own domain name.

The .berlin ending is currently the third most popular top-level-domain according to the united-domains database. With over 55,000 pre-orders, the rush for the most wanted .berlin URLs has already begun.

Businesses in New York City will likewise be able to use an .nyc domain from May this year, with 50 more metropolises around the world planning to follow.

“ich bin ein .berliner”

The .berlin domain name costs between €30 and €60 yearly, of which some money will go back to the local government.

Although Berlin’s tourism sector has a significant interest in the new domain name, it is thought that members of Berlin’s e-commerce sector also stands to profit from rooting their brand identities in the city.

As early as 2005, .dotberlin campaign was requesting the ending for websites based in Germany’s booming capital at ICANN meetings.


Feature image: JUNE 2005 – BERLIN: cupola of the Berlin Cathedral („Berliner Dom“), television tower („Fernsehturm& quot;), Berlin-Mitte via Shutterstock. Copyright: 360b

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