Berlin: The best places to find furniture for your apartment
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Berlin is bursting at the seams with high and low end options for furnishing your home. Take advantage of the lower rates in Berlin and purchase some unique furniture that you might not be able to afford in other countries.

Flea markets, vintage shops and second hand stores regularly stock unusual furniture and quirky knick-knacks that can distinguish your altbauwohnung from all the other Ikea-clad homes. However, Ikea remains a Berlin favourite with a total of four outlets in the city, offering budget friendly, reliable options for your apartment.

If you have a budget set aside to splurge on decorating your new abode, Berlin is also home to many furniture designers. Their studios often serve as showrooms and shops where you can pick up statement pieces from both new and established designers.

Here are some tips for furnishing your new home: 


Ikea is one of the first stops for anyone setting up in a new country. It’s like McDonalds, you know exactly what to expect no matter where in the world you are. Whether it is a new lamp, garden furniture or a supply of daim bars, Ikea has it all. While it might be a little bit boring to furnish your apartment top to bottom with Ikea products, you could easily spend a few hours there and return home with a completely furnished apartment. Berlin has four major Ikea outlets; Lichtenberg, Spandau, Tempelhof and Waltersdorf.

Flea markets

Flea markets (Flohmärkte) take place every Sunday, all over Berlin.

  • The most popular and renowned market is undoubtedly Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg. The market is a treasure trove for cheap vinyls, sunglasses, clothes and bags yet it also has a wide range of household items. 
  • The Flohmarkt at Boxhagner Platzt is much smaller than Mauerpark but despite it’s size it contains a wealth of household items. Stalls stock everything from pots and pans to wardrobes at reasonable prices. Don’t be scared to haggle.


Picture a small, more expensive, city version of Ikea and you have Butlers. The stores are dotted around Mitte and stock kitchen utensils, bedding and other items for decorating your home. The stock changes every season, so you can currently purchase all your grillen and picnic essentials in Butlers.

Vintage Shops

  • According to their website, VEBOrange stocks everything but fruit. the store specialises in vintage and secondhand items from the sixties and seventies. 
  • Stube is a vintage shop on Flughafen Str in Neukölln that sells all kinds of handpicked random items to decorate your home. Imagine globes, skeletons and much more. You can even get a coffee here while you browse.


Check out the small adverts on craigslist and ebay.

Other large furniture and department stores

Berlin has a multitude of large household stores that stock furniture and home essentials. Rahaus and Poco are two alternatives to Ikea. Kaufhof is a more expensive option for towels, bedding and kitchen essentials and stocks well known brands such as Nespresso and Le Crusset.

Online stores

If you would rather not leave your lovely new apartment and have everything delivered right to your door, there are several websites where you can choose all your furnishings.

  • Home24 stocks a wide range of styles and products from different designers. It has over 80,000 household items and will deliver directly into your apartment for free. 
  • has recently made headlines for downsizing their New York office the Berlin team is still going strong and the lay offs have not impacted their stock or business. Fab offers well designed furniture that can be made to fit your exact requirements. In October will launch their new website Hem.


Either Saturn and Media Markt should be your first stop for electronic devices or appliances. Both stores are dotted around the city in various locations. The stores have every kind of electronic device you could need, including coffee machines, TVs, washing machines and fridges. Both stores stock cheaper lesser known versions of products as well as well known brand name favourites.

KaDeWe and Kaufhof also stock various brand name products.

Featured image: Pretty, young woman choosing the right lamp for her apartment in a modern home furnishings store (color toned image; shallow DOF). Copyright: l i g h t p o e t

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