Berlin’s booming cybercrime scene
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It’s not only Berlin’s tech scene that’s booming, but Berlin’s internet crime rate. According to statistics released by Berlin’s criminal police office, Berlin-based cybercrime remains as high as ever.

Although Berlin’s internet crime dropped by 7% in the last year, the citywide rate is still twice as high as in 2007 and online fraud has increased by 9% since 2012. Berlin has roughly twice as many computer-related crimes as burglaries, making the internet a crime scene of increasing importance.

Close to 19,336 internet crimes were committed in Berlin last year, over a quarter of the total amount of cybercrime across Germany in the previous year.

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Berlin’s official police statistics. Screenshot:…

Fraud, porn and money laundering

The chief incentive of internet crime in Berlin is money.

According to Berlin’s police, 88% of internet crime involves some sort of fraud, significantly more than the European level of 32%. An additional 2.3% of cybercrime is attributed to money laundering. Berlin’s pornographic-related crime rate is significantly lower than the European average at 1.2%.

Two in three German companies have lost data at the hands of cybercriminals, while 70% of Germans have been affected by online fraud, (source: Arte). At 81%, Berlin has the second-highest percentage of online citizens in Germany after Hamburg.

Only half of internet crimes are solved

Berlin’s cybercrimes division has had a clearance rate of roughly 50% over the past three years. This means that for victims of online fraud in Berlin, there’s a fifty/fifty chance the police will find who stole the money.

„The numbers are rising because the internet is being used more and more,“ said Senator for Justice and Consumer Protection, Thomas Heilmann, in a statement to the Berliner Morgenpost. „And because [cybercrime] pays: the risk of getting caught and punished is lower than for other crimes.“

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