Berlin’s favourite bike startup: LOCK8
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Some ideas are so clever, you just know they’re going to be a hit. With its electronic bicycle lock, it’s no big surprise that Berlin startup LOCK8 has already achieved seven figures in funding.

Having already pocketed the “Disrupt Cup” at the TechCruch Disrupt Europe, LOCK8’s future is now firmly secure thanks to a round of investments from big-names like Horizons Ventures and a successful Kickstarter campaign.

WebMagazin spoke to founders Franz Salzmann and Daniel Zajarias-Fainsod about getting their bikes stolen, the idea behind LOCK8 and how they got it kickstarted in Berlin.

WebMagazin: Tell us your concept, how exactly does LOCK8 work?

LOCK8: LOCK8 is the world’s first keyless, sensor-secured, GPS enabled smart bike lock. LOCK8 is not only a great way to protect your bike but also perfect for sharing or renting it to friends through Facebook or the LOCK8 marketplace. The Bluetooth e-key allows you to share your bike via the LOCK8 app.

WebMagazin: Will LOCK8 be the answer to Berlin’s bicycle theft problems?

LOCK8: We not only want to reduce bike theft problems, but also dramatically improve bike sharing and co-modality in all German cities through the rental platform.

WebMagazin: What stage of development are you in and how are you being funded?

LOCK8: We are shortly before mass production and plan to ship the first batch to our Kickstarter backers in June. Our angel investor is Christophe Maire and we have since received funding from Horizon Ventures and Otto Capital.

WebMagazin: What is it that makes you stand out in the Berlin startup scene?

LOCK8: Berlin is a hub of great startups, but one thing that separates us from most is that we are dealing with both software and hardware. This has been a great learning curve and with the recent manufacturing partnership with Foxconn in Mexico we are excited about the quality product we are developing and the incredible market size for this secure rental solution.

Daniel und Fraz, Lock8 founders

Lock8 founders Daniel and Franz met in Oxford after they both had their bikes stolen. © LOCK8

WebMagazin: How did you come up with the idea for LOCK8?

LOCK8: We (Daniel and Franz) first met just after our bikes had been stolen. We started talking about bike locks and how they are old fashioned. With so much technology available for consumables such as phones, we wondered why this hadn’t breached the bicycle lock market… so we decided to invent it.

WebMagazin: Why Berlin?

LOCK8: Franz worked closely with Christophe Maire before LOCK8 and with Christophe being an angel investor we go a lot of help out of Atlantic Internet in Mitte.

For a price of $249, LOCK8’s bicycle lock system is already available for pre-order at

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