Clouds over Berlin: 11,500 potentially carcinogenic antennas
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Clouds over Berlin is a project created by Paul Solbach to illustrate the rapidly growing number of mobile antennas and towers in Berlin.

Solbach has compiled data from the Bundesagentur to illustrate 11,500 antennas that are situated within the confines of Berliner ring bahn. On the website Solbach states that his intention is not to spread panic but to act as an educational tool for city dwellers.

11,500 antennas within the Berlin ring bahn

Clouds over Berlin functions as a heat map, but Solbach is keen to stress that the “hot spots” on the map do not indicate radiation. The spots on the map which glow the brightest simply indicate the areas which have the most antennas in the capital city in an effort to raise awareness about the ever growing numbers. Red spots on the map indiacate 45 antennas per tower.

Solbach believes that our expectation to have constant access to high speed internet connectivity means we are less likely to question how this service is provided to us and what the effects of this may be on humans.

Links between Electro Magnetic Fields and Cancer

In 1996 the World Health Organisation launched the EMF Project (Electro Magnetic Field) in response to concerns from health care professionals and the public over links between radiation from mobile antennas and cancer.

WHO reports that the International Agency for Research on Cancer states that electromagnetic fields are possibly carcinogenic and studies are currently taking place to examine long term effects of electro magnetic fields and if this can be linked to brain tumors. Due to rapid advancements in technology, it has not been possible to compile results of long term effects yet. 

Main offenders

The areas which glow the brightest on Solbach’s map are Friedrichstraße, Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz and Frankfurter Allee.

Clouds over Berlin screenshot
Screenshot of Clouds over Berlin. © S&S Media


Featured image: Communication tower with antennas against the blue sky via Shutterstock. Copyright: Flegere



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