Conversion: Interview with Talia Wolf, CEO of conversioner
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Talia Wolf is CEO and founder of conversioner. In an interview with WebMagazin she has talked about next week’s eShop inside Webinar where she’s going to discuss the different technological and emotional tactics to increase eShop-conversions.


WebMagazin: Talia, you are consulting eShops when it comes to conversions. Please explain, how you work?

Talia: Founded 3 years ago, Conversioner is a conversion optimization agency that specializes in increasing clients’ conversion rates with an emotional targeting methodology we developed. Focusing on the end user, user psychology, emotional needs and hard analytical data we have been doubling and tripling our customers online revenues.

In the past 3 years we have been working with many ecommerce sites, retailers, software companies and mobile companies to analyze their funnels both emotionally and analytically and find the best ways to optimize their funnels and increase conversions.

Our process is divided into four sections, the first is an in-depth research, in which we analyze the site’s statistics, locate the leaks and analyze user behavior. Most importantly we dig in to the targeted audience and try to understand it emotionally – identify the psychological triggers of customers and what stands behind their purchasing habits. Using this research we’re able to define the messaging we should use, the fixes that need to be made, the flow we will design and the entire optimization strategy.

Once completed our next phase is creating the test, using our inhouse design team we create e-commerce sites, landing pages, checkout pages, product pages and entire e-commerce flows to optimize the current ones. We launch A/B tests to see what variations and strategies work best and then continue optimizing.

The entire process we go through is a strategic one, offering not only an increase in conversions but also a wider understanding of our client’s target market and how to attract it.

WebMagazin: What are the main reasons for low conversion rates?

Talia: Low conversion rates on ecommerce sites vary from site to site. Many issues are technological and strategic. There are many technological issues eShops don’t take into account, that can reduce a customer’s time on the site, make it easier to perform an action and of course check out. In addition, the majority of ecommerce sites do not take the customer’s emotional needs into account. People don’t remember where they bought a product or its price, they remember the experience they had and their emotional need behind that purchase.

Rather than focusing the messaging on the products and its features, successful eShops create a memorable experience that shows customers how they will benefit emotionally from their purchase – how it will change their life. We purchase products for the change we believe it will make in our lives and our ecommerce site should convey that change and emotion right in the messaging, user journey and design.

During our the eShop inside Webinar next week we’ll discuss different technological and emotional tactics that can be done quite easily to increase conversions dramatically.

WebMagazin: Multichannel shopping is discussed everywhere these days. How to prepare your online shop for that and what is the role of mobile devices?

Talia: Recent studies keep demonstrating the importance of mobile for any online business show. In fact, Smartphone mobile commerce revenues amounted to 14.8 billion U.S. dollars this year (Statista) and not having a mobile centered eShop is a big problem. By 2016, mobile local search is expected to make $3.2 billion in revenue compared to desktop’s $10.2 billion. (Kelsey report) making it an extremely crucial part of any eShop that’s planning on growing their customer base.

Responsive design is just not enough, and the next step for all eCommerce sites should be creating dedicated mobile sites that support the different browsing and shopping behavior mobile users have. Smartphones have great advantages for shoppers and if marketers use them the right way (for example add localization to identify the customer’s State or country) they can increase their revenues dramatically and not lose out on 48% of their traffic.

Unfortunately there isn’t a “one way to fix it” solution for multichannel shopping, the best way to move forward and address the issue is dig deep in your analytics and understand where customers are coming from, what their pitfalls are and how you can address them quickly.

WebMagazin: Let’s talk about the implementation of Social Media Buttons. Does it makes sense for online shops or is it just a distraction for our main goal, that is the conversion?
(A study of Mohita Nagpal came to the result that erasing the social media buttons can increase conversions up to 12 %.) In general the real question to ask (as always) is, “what are my goals?”

Talia: Social media buttons can be used as quick sign up buttons or as a sharing tool. When it comes to increasing conversions we have to remember that people need guidance and simple user journeys that will get them from one point to another. I for one always recommend removing any social sharing buttons till after the customer check’s out, when it comes down to it you want to give your customer one simple action to take and not distract them with additional options.When it comes to social signing up, this again has a lot to do with your statistical information. If you tracking is set correctly you can get a lot of information about your customer’s behavior and optimize according to it. Social signup buttons are great if they don’t get in the way + if you want to have more information about your customers, email is probably the best way to go.

WebMagazin: Do you have a tip for increasing shop conversion rates on short term e.g. even for this year’s christmas sale?

Talia: I’m going to be giving 30 best practices and tips next week at the webinar, but until then when focusing on Christmas sales, there are many ways you can optimize for those few days. First, start by going over last Christmas’s numbers, what were your strongest items? How much did people spend? How long did people spend on the site? and where did most of the sales come from? These questions will help you create a better shopping experience towards Christmas, whether it’s highlighting specific items, reducing shipping costs to certain areas or simply making sure your site does not slow down during the pact days. A great way to keep people hooked is by starting a countdown towards the holidays, sending out newsletters and getting people to share your promotions for coupons or small gifts. Use this time to get people more active and to create a stronger community with your customers.

WebMagazin: What is your prediction for upcoming trends in eCommerce for 2015?

Talia: I love this question as I’m currently working on an infographics that will include a summary of 2014 and a forecast for the next 2 years. Many interesting things are going to happen, from the domination of mobile web traffic and the importance of creating dedicated mobile web stores to a greater and much wider use of email marketing. A few interesting numbers include:
US retail ecommerce sales are expect to get to 347.3 billion dollars in 2015. In 2015 44.3% of worldwide internet users are expected to have purchased goods or products online.
And one of my favorite predictions so far is that by 2018, over 75% of all traffic is going to be video based (source: Cisco)

It’s going to be an incredible year!

If you struggle with low conversions or have further questions to Talia Wolf, feel free to register at and join the eShop inside Webinar on Wednesday, December 3rd at 4 pm.

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