dailyme – the Berlin startup taking on Netflix and co.
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Compared to the world of music streaming, the range of options for video content flatrates is far more manifold – with Netflix, HBO and Amazon all vying to become the Spotify of video content. One Berlin startup is taking on the video streaming giants with a mobile app that lets both German and English-speaking viewers watch local and international TV highlights for free and offline. dailyme’s managing director Jonathan Dähne spoke to us about Berlin, funding and what dailyme is trying to achieve. 


What would you say makes dailyme TV special as a startup?

Jonathan Dähne: dailyme TV exists since 2008. Looking at the number of Start-ups in Berlin who fail within their first year of existence, this is an accomplishment already and it shows that we are doing something right. As of today dailyme TV has more than half a Million Unique Mobile Users (UMU’s) per month and therefore belongs to the leading TV-apps in the DACH region.

When we were classified for the first time by the IVW at the beginning of the year dailyme TV instantly ranked on place 12 of all German apps.

How do you stand out in the Berlin tech scene?

One thing that really differentiates us from other tech companies is our absolute focus on the user when it comes to product development. We constantly survey our users, ask them for feedback and ideas for improvements. We even had users visiting us at our office in Kreuzberg to sit down and discuss with us.

This first-hand feedback is incredibly valuable and helps us to make our app even better by perfectly adjusting it to our user’s needs. Thankfully those efforts are being acknowledged and they are certainly one of the reasons why we are rated with 4.5 stars in the app store.

What stage of development are you in at the moment? How are you being funded?

dailyme TV is currently in the growth phase of the business cycle. We are doing well, growing rapidly and responding favourably to an active market. Our main focus at the moment is to increase our user base.

Besides the founders, bmp media investors AG as well as other financial stakeholders have invested in the company.

What’s the financial concept behind dailyme TV, how do you make money?

dailyme TV is ad-funded and therefore completely free for the user. New users often find it hard to believe that even high quality TV-channels such as ProSieben, SAT.1, ARD or BBC are free of charge – but there is absolutely no catch. The only thing you have to accept is that there will be a commercial spot or banner from time to time.

However we don’t experience this as a major disadvantage for our users. TV in general is associated with regular commercial breaks. That’s why the acceptance of in-app commercials among the users is quite high, especially since they only last a few seconds instead of 12 minutes.

Our advertisers on the other hand appreciate the specialised targeting options that dailyme TV offers due to its content variety. dailyme TV allows advertisers to display their spots or banners solely in programs their target group is interested in. If you are a car manufacturer for example you may want to run your ad during a TopGear episode whereas a cosmetic company probably prefers Germany’s Next Topmodel as their advertising context.

How did you come up with the idea for dailyme?

Everyone knows this situation: Whenever you are on the go, watching a video on your mobile device is practically impossible. Either you don’t get a decent connection, so the video would be jerking if it starts playing in the first place. Or – in case you managed to make it work – it takes so much of your data limit that you will soon be notified by your provider that you ran out of budget. We wanted to solve this problem by creating an app that enables the user to watch his favourite program at any place and time.

The solution was the so called “Download-to-Go-procedure”, which is the heart of dailyme TV. When in WiFi, selected programs are being downloaded automatically on the users mobile device and can then be played in offline mode. Therefore it allows a jerk-free usage on-the-go, even if there is no internet connection available as it is the case in airplanes for example.

The result is a TV app that allows users to have their favourite TV programs ready to watch on their smartphone or tablet wherever they are and without taking care of anything.

And what were you doing before dailyme?

I started my digital journey in the colourful and noisy world of MTV Online. At this time, traditional TV started merging with the vastness of the world wide web and YouTube became more and more popular. The phone in my pocket did not have a keypad anymore, and I became fascinated with all the possibilities of my first „smart“ phone – a clunky PDA called O2 Neo with pen, UMTS and windows mobile.

I developed a strong vision of the future at this point:  the idea of providing TV shows on a handy device for everyone at any time. A few years later – after finishing my Master Degree and gathering valuable experience in the Start up Management – I’m sitting here in our cosy loft in Berlin-Kreuzberg, counting half a million monthly dailyme users and thinking with a smile about the past.

And finally, why Berlin?

There was no decision which had to be taken in favour of or against Berlin. The founders just happen to be here when dailyme TV started and there was no reason to move elsewhere.

However, today we really appreciate being based in the European Start-up hub Berlin. Berlin is dynamic, cosmopolitan and offers a great variety of high-quality networking events to meet interesting people, get different kinds of inspiration and exchange ideas. And, of course, our team enjoys working in our amazing cliché Start-up loft that can only exist in Kreuzberg/Schlesisches Tor.

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