Dailyme TV expands cooporation with BBC Worldwide
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Berlin-based startup dailyme has expanded its cooperation with the BBC: now more than 50 BBC programs can be downloaded using dailyme’s free TV app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

In addition to popular shows such as The Office, Little Britain and Jamie Oliver’s cooking show, dailyme is making fifteen BBC documentaries available in English for the first time ever in Germany.

Jonathan Dähne, Managing Director of dailyme TV has publicly stated:

When we decided to expand this cooperation, the objective was to reflect the variety of BBC formats within our app as well. Due to our user’s explicit request we now provide the English-language versions of each series in our app as well. This enables us also to reach target groups we haven’t been able to reach before.

The startup had previously announced that it had won BBC Worldwide as a content partner, makingshows like Doctor Who, Torchwood and Luther available to dailyme users.

Free English content in Germany

It seems like forever ago that people were checking the paper to see when their favourite television shows were on. Nowadays it’s pretty easy to simply stream content to a mobile device or laptop. But geolocation restrictions on streaming English content still pose problems to potential English-speaking audiences living abroad. Enter dailyme.

Instead of streaming with mobile data, dailyme app users can preload content via wifi, save it on their mobile devices and watch it later – even when they are offline. This way, there’s no risk of buffering or using up the limited MBs in your mobile contract, as the content has already been fully downloaded.

Before the BBC cooperation, dailyme already allowed its users to watch German TV-channels like ProSieben, ARD, ZDF, Sat1 and ZDF, which include shows like Tagesschau, Galileo, Germanys next Topmodel and many more.



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