Dating in Berlin: 5 apps for finding your soulmate
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Online dating has never been simpler, and the number of dating app users in Berlin is growing by the day. New apps are springing up left and right for those that don’t want to leave romance up to chance.

So, which one is for you? From event recommendations for like minded people to a positive ‘match’ with people zero feet away from you (in case moving is a turn off), there’s plenty of choices. Here’s our list of the top five dating apps to use in Berlin.

1. Tinder

Tinder was launched in Germany in February 2014 and has quickly become one of the most-used dating apps. The app offers users a game-like interface and the opportunity to match based on location, mutual interests and friends on Facebook.

However, a flaw in this system (or plus, depending on which way you look at it) would be the users ability to manipulate interests on Facebook to achieve desired results on Tinder, i.e non-sporty users that like pages related to ‘Volleyball, Yoga, Tennis etc’ will more than likely match with sporty users interested in fitness and wellness.

2. Happn

Happn is an app based on coincidence. The app was designed to try and organise connections between individuals that pass each other on the street or see each other in a cafe, but lack an opportunity for conversation.

When two Happn users cross paths, the users will receive a notification of where they passed each other and they will then be offered an opportunity to initiate contact.


3. mbrace

Mbrace is Berlin’s newest dating app. The app takes users location, age and hobbies into account to pair interesting people together and recommend good events to attend. In an effort to keep out fake accounts or “creeps” new users must be accepted by the mbrace community before being granted access.

Users can also set challenges for one another as founder Jan Tillmann explained to WebMagazin. “Users can also set their own fun challenges to learn more about other members. Last week someone told me they would like to make a pineapple curry for me. Obviously, I accepted the offer.”


4. OkCupid

OkCupid is a social networking site for dating, which now also has its own app. Matches are made through the information provided to OkCupid and by the answers users give to certain questions when they register. The dating service offers users an opportunity to interact via email, quizzes and texting. The app offers a similar ‘like’ feature to Tinder, as well as an opportunity to view the history of every profile you have ever have viewed on OkCupid.


5. Grindr

Grindr is the biggest all-male dating and friendship app for gay, bi and curious guys. According to their official website over 10,000 new users download the app daily. Grindrs aim is to link users by proximity, thereby providing them ‘zero feet away’ notifications. The main app is free but users can opt to upgrade and avail of Grinder Xtra which for a small fee offers increased functionality, bonus features and the premium Grinder experience.



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