Declining calls on the iPhone
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When it comes to innovative, intuitive design, no one trumps Apple. But many iPhone users are still confused about how exactly to mute an incoming phonecall.

You’re in the cinema on a Saturday night when your iPhone begins to vibrate. Your friend is calling. Answering isn’t an option. No one wants to be that guy. But what button do you press to shut up your phone?

It’s easy for Android users: swipe right to answer, left to decline. But with no red decline button on iOS7, it almost looks like the iPhone only allows users to answer.

We’ve even heard reports of users answering and hanging up immediately (confusing for the caller) in order to silence their phone.

So what do you when you don’t want to answer? Sit on it? Give it to the person next to you in the cinema?

Two short taps to the sleep / on / off button will send your caller straight to voicemail. Alternatively you can press and hold the home button for two seconds.

But sometimes sending the caller to your answering service can send the wrong message: „I know you’re calling but I don’t want to answer.“

If you want to let your phone silently ring out, you can tap the off button or the volume buttons to mute the vibrations or ringtone.

When receiving calls, iOS7 also displays two the buttons “remind me” and “message”. Both buttons will decline the call and either set a reminder or open a new text message.

Update: Apple has now introduced an on-screen option to decline calls with a red circle button on iOS7.1.

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