Drupal developer tip: Take revenge with the Misery module
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Has your computer ever behaved strangely for no reason? Perhaps there’s a developer out there in the world that doesn’t like you. The content management system Drupal features a notorious module called Misery, designed specifically for punishment.

“I know you’re already testing now, but can we add just one more simple drop-down menu? And can we make it pink?” Every developer has at least one user they would like to punish.

The CMS framework Drupal contains a function made for the sole purpose of letting web developers take revenge. The so-called Misery module allows webmasters to punish a specific user without making them aware of their punishment.

„Featuring” a number of frustrating errors and bugs, Misery is designed to make life hell for a web developer’s least favourite user. Simulated slow-connection delay, access denied errors, white screens and forced logouts are just a few of the delightful booby traps.

To enhance the victim’s misery, the blacklisted user will frequently find themselves redirected to a random page.

Drupal Misery

Screenshot: drupal.org/project/misery

The module was originally intended as a means of dealing with web trolls intent on wreaking havoc in a content management system like Drupal. However, it can also be put to creative use on miserable clients and overly critical colleagues.

The best part: the victim will never know (let alone be able to prove) who is responsible for their torment.

Version 7 of Misery can be downloaded at: drupal.org/project/misery


Feature image: Time for stress.Chat with another via Shutterstock. Copyright: GlebStock

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