E-commerce interview: Why is Magento so popular?
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If you’ve ever worked for an e-commerce startup, chances are that you’ve dealt with Magento. First developed in 2007, the open-source CMS is the most popular choice when it comes to building a web shop.

The Ebay-owned company is used by at least one in three of the web’s most popular e-commerce platforms, and it even accounts for 1% of all websites.

“Magento developer urgently wanted”

With hundreds of Berlin startups currently hunting for Magento backend developers, the ecosystem surrounding this shop system is steadily growing. So how is it that so many of Berlin’s content managers and web designers are unhappy with its sluggish and complex interface?

Leading Magento expert and CTO at Sitewards Tobias Zander explains below why the shop system is still so popular, why so many startup employees complain about it and what the alternatives are.

Feature image: E-commerce. Shopping cart with cardboard boxes on laptop. 3d via Shutterstock / copyright: Maxx-Studio

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