Facebook adds button to “ask” about relationship status
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Facebook has added a new feature to encourage users to submit more information to the social media platform.

The function is being rolled out to users that have not entered data about their relationship status. The ‚ask‚ button appears where relationship status information is missing, and allows users to request the information together with a personal message.

Previously, when a user chose not to add relationship, hometown or career information to their profile, this area of their profile remained blank.

The ‘ask’ buttons have not yet appeared in all user accounts and many have been eager to activate it. According to Arstechnica, a user can also privately request relationship status without forcing them to publicly submit it.

In a campaign to harvest more information, the social media giant has added numerous elements that draw the user’s attention to missing information.

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Screenshot: Facebook.com

Uniquely specific information about its users is what allows Facebook to offer its lucrative targeted advertising service.

Facebook has not yet announced whether privately requested relationship information will be used for advertising purposes. The social media giant has already come under heavy fire after it emerged that it has been providing advertisers information about which of its users are gay.

As one of the site’s earliest functions, the relationship status has long been at the core of Facebook. Prior to Facebook, founder Mark Zuckerberg worked on Facemash, a website where visitors could select which students in their college were ‘hot’ and which ‘not’.


Feature image: New York City, USA – August 25, 2013: Facebook notifications of friend request ,message and notification on a smart phone. Facebook is a social networking service, owned and operated by Facebook, Inc. via Shutterstock / copyright: JaysonPhotography

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