Finding the right English speaker for your company
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The number of English speakers looking for employment in Berlin is constantly on the rise. It can be a daunting process for employers to wade through hundreds of C.Vs in an attempt to distinguish one talented applicant from another.

Advertise a job opening on a website that suits your company

There are plenty of websites for advertising available job roles but it is now more important than ever to consider which one is best for your company to ensure your job is reaching the right target audience. Websites such as Linkedin are ideal for large companies, where as newsletters such as Woloho would be better suited for employers advertising short term positions or mini jobs.


Linkedin is a great way to find English speakers. It offers employers an opportunity to read recommendations written by past employers and learn more about the careers paths of prospective candidates.

The Local

The Local is one of Germany’s leading news sites in English and also offers a job listings tool. The portal lists jobs by discipline and shows the number of jobs on offer in each sector so no matter what position you are offering there will be an area for you to advertise your role and know that it will reach a large english speaking audience.


WebMagazin’s job listing section is a useful platform for startups and tech companies to advertise jobs for English speakers. The site reports daily on tech news in German and English and regularly advertises praktikums, internships and jobs in both languages.

Sugar High

Sugar High is a daily bilingual magazine style newsletter that focuses on culture in Berlin. The website also has a jobs listing section which can be an odd but interesting selection of roles ranging from barbers to graphic designers and shop assistants. Sugar High readers are interested in arts, film, music and events in Berlin it is worth advertising jobs in these cultural areas on the website.

Berlin Job

If you are looking to hire an English speaker in the areas of marketing, design or startups, Berlin Job is good place to advertise your job.

The listings are mainly from tech companies such as Soundcloud or but the site serves as a good starting point for English speakers starting their job hunt. The downside of this site is that it can often be slow to load or does not load at all.


Woloho is a newsletter that updates its readers three times a week on the subjects of work, home and love. Their weekly work newsletter is a mixture of English and German jobs, ranging from internships and ‘mini jobs’ to full time work.

There is no stereotypical employer on Woloho and the newsletter reaches a wide range of job seekers. Jobs advertised on Woloho can be anything from catering jobs, to developer positions and gallery assistants. The listings on Woloho generally state the language preference, as well as providing contact details, application requirements and an indication of what salary to expect.


Indeed is one of the biggest tools for finding new employees. It is a service that is run in over 50 different countries meaning that English speakers are already familiar with it from the US, UK and Ireland and often use it as a portal to find English jobs in Berlin. Indeed advertises jobs in all disciplines.

Berlin Startup Jobs

Berlin Startup Jobs does exactly what it says on the tin and provides a comprehensive list of jobs and internships in the vibrant startup scene in Berlin. If your company is a startup or grown up startup looking for new employees this website is a good bet for advertising internships and full time work.

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