Google I/O in Berlin: Where to watch and what to expect
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The WWDC forGoogle fans is finally here.

Google’s I/O annual developer conference kicks off today in San Francisco.

Beginning at 9 am local time or 18:00 German time, the keynote is the main event that the world’s tech community will be anxious to hear.

Watch the livestream

Tune into the livestream of the Google I/O over here.

google I/O


What to expect

Every developer has their own opinion on what surprises the Google I/O has in store for us. But here’s some of the potential highlights:

Lollipop? KitKat has hardly rolled out onto the majority of Android devices, and already the tech community is buzzing with anticipation of the next in the dessert-themed alphabetic progression.

Google Glass upgrades? Although Google’s wearable tech has gone on sale in the UK, Glass is still far away from a consumer version. It’s about time to see some big improvements.

A Google watch? Everyone expected Apple to unveil its iWatch at the WWDC. So why not expect something similar from Google? With manufacturers from LG to Motorola already creating their own versions of wrist tech, Google is expected to show off some fancy new improvements to its Android Wear platform.

Google I/O live screening in Berlin

For developers that want to share and discuss the highlights, Google is also helping to organise a number of live screenings around the world.

I/O ExtendedScreenshot:

If you don’t feel like streaming it to your couch, any Google fan living in Berlin can also show up to the Google I/O Extended event in C-base in Berlin Mitte, near S-Bhf Jannowitbrücke

  • Location: C-base spacestation, main hall; Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin
  • Time: 17:00 onwards

For the hardcore Google fans, there’s also a Google+ group for the event.

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