Heartbleed Bug: Do you need to change your password?
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It’s the biggest security vulnerability the internet has ever seen. The Heartbleed Bug exploits a weakness in the SSL/TLS encryption which secures information sent online. Discovered by a team of engineers at Google Security, the bug has sent a wave of panic through the internet.

It is still unclear whether or not hackers have been able to take advantage of the bug. According to heartbleed.com “Exploitation of this bug leaves no traces of anything abnormal happening to the logs”, meaning we will possibly never know the impact of this security flaw.

Email, social networking, instant messaging: nearly everyone is affected

Most major online service providers have already issued security updates and Canada has even locked down its tax filing system, but many users will steed need to update their passwords. Several portals have already issued ‘hit lists’ of companies affected by the bug. Anyone with an account from the following services is advised to change their password immediately:

  • Facebook

  • Gmail

  • Tumblr

  • Google + Gmail

  • Yahoo, Yahoo Mail + Flickr

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Dropbox

  • LastPass

  • OKCupid

  • SoundCloud

  • Gibhub

  • Wunderlist

Amazon, Microsoft (Hotmail) and PayPal claim their users were not exposed by the bug and do not need to change their passwords. It remains unclear whether Evernote, eBay and Apple users are affected.

If you’re not sure about other accounts you have, LastPass is providing a Heartbleed checker where users can test the vulnerability of specific URLs.

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