How to stream the World Cup from Germany
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June 12, 2014

Excitement has been building over the last few weeks and for football fans, the big day is finally here.

If you haven’t make it to Brazil to see the live matches, don’t panic as there are plenty of great options for watching the World Cup.

Between 12th of June and 13th of July 64 football matches will be streamed online and on TV by various media outlets and websites. Here’s how to make sure you don’t miss a goal and check your internet connection for buffering issues.

The German channels

The main German TV stations providing coverage for the World Cup 2014 are ZDF and ARD. As well as watching the matches on TV, you can find them online in their website’s Mediatheken here and here.

This year, both networks have also increased their mobile features. ARD has a special app called “Sportschau FIFA WM App“ which allows you to watch match highlights from twenty different camera angles. The app is free in the App store and on Google Play.

ZDF has released a similar app with a ‘MyView’ feature.

Online streaming

MagineTV and Zatoo are the two key websites you need to know about if you’re planning on streaming the matches online.

Both websites are free but require a quick registration.

Hailing from Sweden, Magine is relatively new to Germany. The app allows you to stream the main stations online, meaning you can tune in to ARD and ZDF and watch all 64 matches in HD. Magine allows you to replay, pause, fastforward and rewind each game for up to seven days after it originally aired. With Magine you can view matches on the go, on your smartphone or tablet.

Zattoo is a TV and radio-streaming service from the US that has been a firm favourite for sports viewing over the last few years. Like Magine, it is free to watch ARD and ZDF online via Zattoo. Games can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and consoles.

Avoiding buffering

Nothing’s worse than waiting for a football match to buffer. Most streaming services allow users to select the quality. But even for basic streaming quality like 720p, you’ll need an internet speed of at least 2Mb/s to avoid buffering.

Before you start streaming a match, check your internet speed with a speed test site.


Featured image: Amazing Brazilian Goal – Latin America via Shutterstock. Copyright: Filipe Frazao

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