Hublo – Web-analytics without coding
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Powerful web-analytics, without writing any code – that’s Hublo! The French company offers an analytics tool that every techie should know – especially if you’re interested in web data and you don’t have your own developers to implement a complex tracking system on your website.

We have been talking to Cyril Gantzer, co-founder and CEO of Hublo, to get some insights about founding Hublo, their target group, competitors and about the goals of the startup.

How it all began

Before Hublo, Cyril has been working as a web-analytics consultant for various companies to improve their online performance but only for one company at a time and for very wealthy clients, he told us. He noticed that most of the companies didn’t want to get too technical (especially the marketing teams) and that it often took a long time to get complex data that was complicated to track, because they had to rely on IT teams. 

So Cyril decided to build his own business: Hublo. He founded the company with Etienne Le Scaon who is responsible for product management, and Léo Goffic for everything technical.

Fighting for attention in the ocean of analytics

Of course this startup is not the only company that offers a web-analytics tool. Hublo has to compete with several other products on the market, as well as with consulting firms. But the advantage of Hublo is that customers can implement the tool without further coding. They only have to embed one simple line of code in the head section and that’s it.

After that you can create individual events on your website you want to track. Simply move the cursor over a button and click on it to create the event. That’s where Hublo shines: giving you great, meaningful data, without having to code anything,” says Cyril. And yes, it is that simple.

Different versions for every need

Hublo is made for marketing teams that have a strong presence in the web but do not have the required IT resources to build up a tracking system by themselves. 

These are the groups where we provide the most value, because we give them data they would never have otherwise. Large corporations can afford to invest in long, expensive data projects, and very tech-oriented companies usually have in-house resources to use data: Hublo focuses on the rest of the market.” (Cyril Gantzer, CEO of Hublo)

The tool is available in a free version that contains the one-click event tracking, the data collection right after defining the event and the integration of Google Analytics data. The premium version (€49 monthly) also includes the ability to create funnels and segment traffic sources. In an enterprise version you can customize the product for your special needs. This gives you the possibility to track social, mobile and form interactions, to create individual alerts and to include third-party integrations.

Why you should use Hublo

Cyril Gantzer: “I’d say that our competitive edge is that we are the only tool where everything can be tracked without further coding.”

In summary Hublo offers the following:

  • web analytics without coding
  • one-click event tracking
  • traffic source segmentation
  • funnel creation
  • conversion optimization
  • Google analytics syncronisation
  • social & mobile data
  • third-party integration
  • visual reports to team members with alert function
  • QA service by Hublo

The next goals for Hublo

The biggest goal for Cyril this year is still to build a good product and focus on the needs of the customers.

“Competition is fierce in web-analytics, with both newcomers and old giants, so we first want to make sure that what we build provides a lot of value to our customers. This is our goal for 2014. Only then will we focus on growth.“ (Cyril Gantzer, CEO of Hublo)

A big thank-you to Cyril for providing us with these insights.

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