iOS7.1 has arrived: Is it worth updating?
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It’s been nearly 24 hours since Apple rolled out iOS7.1. Following a series of smaller updates and bugfixes, this is Apple’s first major update to iOS7, which premiered in September last year.

Anyone expecting an exciting range of new features might be disappointed. But the debut of a new Carplay feature as well as a simpler way of declining phone calls will be interesting to the 82% of iOS users already using iOS7.

First reports of experiences with iOS7.1 are trickling into user forums across the web. Isolated problems such as sluggish typing response time, limited Wi-Fi and iTunes connection issue are still being debated. It’s too early to assess any major downsides to iOS7.1, but the benefits are clear.

New features

“Eyes-free” Carplay: This brand-new feature allows drivers to use Siri voice commands to answer incoming calls without touching or even looking at the screen.

Siri listens longer: By pressing down on the home button for longer, you can tell Siri to listen for longer, for example when dictating calendar events.

Design updates

Slide to power off: This function now features a power button that the user slides to turn off their phone.

Answering calls: iOS7.1 displays a red and a green circle for declining and answering calls, respectively. Previous versions confused many users by only showing the slide to answer function.

Clearing notifications: As well as a bounce animation, the iOS7.1 Notification Center features a simpler way to remove notifications.

Additional aesthetic changes have also been made to the design of the keyboard and music app. iOS7.1 also comes with a number of bugfixes, including a solution to a fingerprint recognition glitch.

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