MyLorry: a Berlin courier startup
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Amazon is pouring millions into state-of-the-art warehouse robots and delivery drones in order to shorten its shipping times. Meanwhile a Berlin-based startup has developed a new take on an old and reliable delivery method: the courier.

Using the MyLorry app, users can order a courier and even track their package as it’s being delivered.

Company founder Max Waldenfels (far left) tells us why he came to Berlin to take on Amazon with a same-day delivery service.

WebMagazin: Tell us a little bit about MyLorry, how does it work?

Waldenfels: MyLorry offers the easiest and fastest local delivery service by creating a direct and instant link between any customer and nearby couriers. The service is easy to integrate into online & retail shops.

Every new job will be pushed out to all the couriers in the vicinity, so that we can guarantee an immediate collection and delivery.

WebMagazin: What would you say makes MyLorry a special startup? How do you stand out in the Berlin tech scene?

Waldenfels: The MyLorry model shows how a start up disrupts an extremely big and old fashioned industry – logistics. By creating the direct link between customers and nearby couriers we eliminate the necessity of having an own fleet.

The direct connection allows us to offer plenty of convenient added values to the end customer, e.g. live tracking of the shipment via GPS.

WebMagazin: What stage of development are you in at the moment? How are you being funded?

Waldenfels: We launched our product in October last year and already boosted a couple of hundred retail customers with thousands of jobs. MyLorry is funded by family offices and business angels.

mylorry tracking© MyLorry

WebMagazin: What’s the financial concept behind MyLorry and how do you plan on making money?

Waldenfels: MyLorry already makes money since we take a commission fee for each mediated job.

WebMagazin: How did you come up with the idea for MyLorry?

Waldenfels: While e-commerce has evolved, speed of delivery has still remained an issue. Even services like Amazon Prime, with its next-day shipping, just aren’t fast enough. Since we live in an era of instant gratification, it was obvious to us that it requires an instant delivery service.

WebMagazin: And what were you doing before then?

Waldenfels: Before MyLorry I was working for a consulting company for VC’s in London.

WebMagazin: And finally, why Berlin?

Waldenfels: Berlin is obviously the best spot in Europe to build a successful company. Berlin inspires and it inspired us.


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