Netflix coming to Germany by September
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Netflix has confirmed plans to bring its service to five new European markets.

According to an official announcement, customers in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium will be able to subscribe to Netflix’s content streaming service by the end of the year.

Exact pricing and launch dates for the new countries have not yet been announced, but German tech blog Curved claims to know that the service will be launching in Germany by September this year. Le Figaro likewise states that the French service will be launched by September, and adds that it will be available for a under €10 monthly.

It’s not yet clear if Netflix intends to translate its content into French or German, which would be a costly process. German audiences typically watch films and television shows dubbed into their language.

„Upon launch, broadband users in these countries can subscribe to Netflix and instantly watch a curated selection of Hollywood, local and global TV series and movies,“ Netflix stated in its announcement.

Media consultant Ian Maude told the BBC that Germany may prove complicated for Netflix. „Germany potentially could be quite a difficult market as it has low pay-TV penetration and seemingly low willingness to pay.“

Although Netflix had previously indicated plans to expand throughout Europe, many users had resorted to using proxy services and VPN clients to access the service from the continent.

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