Paedophile and politician send Google ‚forget me‘ requests
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Following the European Court of Justice ruling regarding the ‚right to be forgotten‘, Google has already received the first requests to remove links to information. The EU court ruled that individuals may request „irrelevant or outdated“ informated to be removed from search results.

A doctor, an ex-politician and a man convicted of possessing child pornography are among those to have submitted requests.

According to reports, the doctor and ex-politician are requesting links to negative content about their careers to be deleted, while the other individual wishes links to information about his conviction to be removed.

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Although it expressed its disappointment with the outcome, Google has not officially commented on how it intends to proceed with such requests in future or how many it has received so far. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said he expected Google to contest the verdict.

It is not yet clear what degree of internal bureaucracy and paperwork the ruling will mean for search engine firms and online publishers.

Feature image: NEW YORK CITY – APRIL 16: Google offices April 16, 2013 in New York, NY. The massive 3 million sq ft former Port Authority building was purchased by Google for 1.9 billion dollars in 2010. via Shutterstock / copyright: Sean Pavone

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