Re-working the future: An interview with conference founder Nikita Johnson
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Berlin is changing technology. And tech innovation is changing Berlin.

A new conference is paying tribute to Berlin’s tech scene on June 19-20. The RE.WORK technology summit is bringing 50 international speakers to Berlin to discuss how their work in fields like big data, robotics and the internet of things is pushing technology forwards.

Having already established a number of successful events in San Fransisco, London and Dublin, RE.WORK founder Nikita Johnson tells us why she is bringing her international conference to Berlin.

WebMagazin: What’s going on at the RE.WORK in Berlin this year?

Nikita Johnson: This is our first RE.WORK Technology Summit in Berlin, and our focus is to explore how innovative new advances in science, technology, and entrepreneurship are reshaping society and business.

WebMagazin: What kind of ‚reworkers‘ can we look forward to at this event?

Johnson: We’ll have a mix of attendees from technologists, to entrepreneurs, researchers and industry leaders, all coming together to share the latest emerging technology trends and to discuss their impact on our future.

For example, Shlomi Mir, Senior Designer at Israel National Museum of Science will showcase his invention to help fight desertification using robots to gather data via tumbleweeds.

André Broessel, Director of Rawlemon Solar Architecture will discuss his breakthrough advanced transparent solar energy technology.

Jake Mannix, an Applied Machine Learning Engineer at Twitter will explore the topic of ‚Personalization and the Social Web‘ discussing the wider impact of machine learning developments on communication.

Bradley Nelson, Professor of Robotics & Intelligent Systems at ETH Zurich will share his leading research in micro-robotics and nano-medicine.



Jamie Paik, Director of Reconfigurable Robotics Lab at EPFL will share her new innovation to create robots that transform their body shape and functionality to interact and adapt to their environment.

Erik Schlangen, Chair of Experimental Micromechanics at Delft University of Technology, will showcase his latest developments in self-healing concrete and it’s disruptive impact on urban landscape.

Raúl Rojas, Professor of Computer Science at Freie Universität Berlin will share his developments in creating a self-driving car; Allison Dring, the Co-Founder of elegant embellishments will discuss the ’smog-eating‘ facades she has created to reduce air pollution in cities.

Aymard de Touzalin, Deputy Head of the Future & Emerging Technologies Unit at the European Commission said: „I’m very much looking forward to explore some of the most promising upcoming technological breakthroughs that can matter for the future of Europe at the RE.WORK Summit in Berlin“.

WebMagazin: Why did you choose Berlin?

Johnson: Berlin is an exciting place for emerging technologies and innovation, so after hosting the RE.WORK Technology Summit in London last year, we wanted to bring together a similar group of like-minded people to collaborate and share ideas to help revolutionise business and society in the future here in Berlin.

WebMagazin: There’s a lot of tech events going on here – what is it that makes RE.WORK important for Berlin’s tech scene?

Johnson: Yes, there are a number of great technology events in Berlin. I’ve met many of the founders over the past few months!

At RE.WORK we’re focusing on rapidly advancing technologies that have the potential to positively disrupt our future, bringing together experts in the fields of the internet of things, sensors, 3D printing, nanotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence.

We’re focusing on their impact on solving challenges such as increased urbanisation, efficient healthcare and sustainable energy solutions to explore the current most disruptive trends in technology.

The RE.WORK Technology Summit in Berlin takes place from June 19-20 in the Umweltforum in Berlin Friedrichshain.

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