Rumours that Fab is shutting down are ‚bullshit hate‘ says founder
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June 5, 2014

The design web shop is not closing down, according to an expletive-filled tweet by the company’s founder, Jason Goldberg.

Last month the company announced it would let go 90 employees from its North American headquarters. Shortly after the downsizing, rumours surfaced that Fab was planning to completely shut its presence in New York.

WebMagazin reported confirmations from internal sources that global operations were being relocated to Berlin. Fab denied these claims and stated that it „will continue to have a presence in New York, supported by a broader global team.“

Valleywag has since claimed that Fab is „starting to shut down“ and that the designer homeware company „is probably dead this year“.

In response, Goldberg tweeted to Valleywag journalist Sam Biddle, complaining „I can’t take a crap without @samfbiddle knowing about it.“ The founder also told the CEO of Business Insider, Henry Blodget, via Tweet that he does not deserve a journalistic licence for reporting on the Valleywag story without approaching Fab’s spokesperson.

Valleywag has previously caused embarrassment to Fab by reporting on an old video in which the company’s co-founder admitted „I know absolutely nothing about running a company.“

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After announcing that it had let go a third of its staff, Fab told WebMagazin that it wanted to grow its Berlin team by at least 25 percent in the coming months.

„To make room for that team and to enable Fab to have a showroom in Berlin, we are moving offices later this year,“

Fab currently still occupies a five-story office at Berlin’s Spree river.

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