Selfie Championships: Is Ellen’s Oscar tweet the real winner?
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Within 46 minutes of being posted, the Oscars selfie had already overtaken the previous record holder of the most retweeted selfie. Given that Samsung spent an estimated $20 million dollars (Wall Street Journal) on ads during the ceremony, it is perhaps no surprise that the photo was taken with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Frequently referred to as Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar selfie, the copyright in fact lies with Bradley Cooper, as he took the photograph.

Group selfie vs. classic selfie

Technically, the picture tweeted during the Oscars ceremony falls into the category of group selfie. Does that mean Obama’s picture is still the incumbent champion in the classic selfie category?

Prior to the Oscars ceremony, Obama’s famous “four more years” twitter post was held by many to be the most-retweeted selfie on the planet. Almost as if being a nobel laureate and re-elected US president was not enough, Obama was soon declared the champion of the selfie.

Was Obama’s pic really a selfie?

Due to the lack of classic selfie trademarks, describing the iconic Obama tweet as selfie is problematic at best. Numerous definitions of the phrase describe it as “A photograph that one has taken of oneself” (Oxford Dictionaries), typically taken with a smartphone or webcam. The classic selfie shot typically contains the extended arm of the person taking the photo.

Professionally shot by a third person, the picture of Michelle and Barack Obama does not fit the definition of a selfie.

The champion of the most retweeted solo-selfie is still to be declared, although it is revered status in the Selfie Olympics.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres’ picture has in turn developed its own meme, with a number of photoshopped varieties, such as a Nicholas Cage and Grumpy Cat version.

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