Shoutr: A new android app to share data
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Shoutr is a new data sharing app based in Berlin. The app allows users to send music, videos and photos to each other. 

Shoutr accounts are protected by a four digit pin, but if you choose to make your content public it is available to everyone around you.

The app is currently available for Android only, but Apple and Microsoft versions are in development.

Send data without Wifi

An appealing feature of this app is that files can be shared on the go, even without wifi or bluetooth connectivity. The app also uses WPA2 encryption and data is not sent to the cloud.


Christian Beier from Shoutr told WebMagazin a little more about the new app. 

WM: Tell us a little bit about Shoutr, how does it work?

Christian: Shoutr is an easy to use application that enables its users to wirelessly transfer any kind of data between Android powered devices. What makes shoutr stand out among other solutions is that it doesn’t need an Internet connection nor a Wi-Fi hotspot. Thus, it works everywhere — in the subway, abroad, even on the moon! Since shoutr uses Wi-Fi, it is an order of magnitude faster than Bluetooth and even 4G Internet. And of course, shoutr is secure: all data sent with shoutr is protected by industry-standard encryption. Thus, only people in the know may access the data made available by shoutr.


WM: What would you say makes Shoutr a special startup? How do you stand out in the Berlin tech scene?

Christian: We are a very tech-centric startup; all three co-founders have a masters in computer science. This makes us very strong in actually building stuff, as opposed to so many other – especially Berlin-based – startups, which are constantly on a desparate hunt for competent developers.

What stage of development are you in at the moment? How are you being

Christian: The app is currently in beta stage and available for Android and Linux, with
Windows and OS X soon following.

Winners of CeBIT Innovation Award

Financially we’re currently running off the revenue made by in-app purchases and the cash injection we got from winning this year’s CeBIT Innovation Award.

What is the financial concept behind Shoutr and how do you plan on making

Christian: Our users come from Western Europe, as well as the US, India and Africa.
Generally, they’re people that are media-driven, but also produce a lot of digital content. The app itself is and will always be free, but there is certain in-app pro features which our users can unlock. So in a nutshell, it’s in-app purchases. Then, we are also focusing on a stationary shoutrBoxx that will help to distribute digital content to showroom/fair visitors. This B2B spin is in it’s early stages but it’s looking promising.

WM: How did you come up with the idea for Shoutr?

Christian: Well, back then we were sitting in the living room with a bunch of friends and
one of them just came back from a snowboarding holiday and she had taken a load
of cool pics and videos. So there we sat and were looking for an easy way to
show all that nice media around. Since everybody had a smartphone, we thought
it’d be ubercool if we could just beam that big media pack over to the other
phones – no hassle with cables, USB sticks, memory cards or drivers – it should
just work. That’s when we envisioned the shoutr app.

WM: And what were you doing before then?

Christian: Before shoutr labs, we were running a freelance app maker company called CoboltForge which since the inception of shoutr labs is sort of in a hiatus. It was easy money back then, but always doing apps for other people was also kind of boring so we started to nurture our idea of the shoutr app under the umbrella of the new company.

WM: And finally, why Berlin?

Christian: It would have been so much harder in any other German city. Living costs are still okay here, there is an awful lot of startuppy people to connect and share experiences with. Investor density could be higher though.

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