Stream Netflix from Germany with UnoTelly
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Everyone knows the situation: you’re trying to stream your favourite US series at home, but it’s blocked by geolocation filters.
„Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet“
In Germany, channels like Hulu, Netflix and Pandora – just to name a few – still remain inacessable today. Even though Netflix will soon expand to more European territories, it’s unavailable to potential viewers in Germany.
To bypass this restriction, users would previously have to take a detour via proxy or VPN if they wanted to stream Netflix. This technique was usually accompanied by a significant loss in download speed, as well as a negative impact on the video quality.

UnoTelly has developed a solution for users that want to start streaming Netflix right away: UnoDNS, which „unlocks the full value of entertainment options“.

The subscription-based service allows you to stream blocked content anywhere you live and on any device you choose. In contrast to VPNs, it works on all kinds of kind of computer and TVs (eg. Apple TV and PS3), as well as on tablets and smartphones.

Legal streaming from abroad – How does it work?

UnoDNS works around restricted IP addresses by providing the user with an IP address that is local to the channel.

After an easy sign-up process on the website, the UnoDNS-Server needs to be configurated in the operation system of a device, according to the instructions on the website.

The DNS (domain name system) functions like a telepone directory: if you use a German DNS, you will be allocated a German IP – and that means you are geo-blocked from Netflix.

UnoDNS replaces your German IP address with – in the case of Netflix – a US equivalent. This way the service is legally able to eliminate geographic filters.

Fast and legal for $3.99 monthly

UnoDNS has many advantages when compared to the VPN and proxy alternatives. For one thing, it runs with your regular internet speed, which means users can stream videos without constantly buffering. And like VPNs and proxies, the geolocation workaround is completely legal.

Of course, you’ll still need to pay the respective content provider for a subscription account. On top of that, UnoDNS itself also has its price: for UnoDNS Premium, users pay $3.99 (USD) a month. But it’s a small price to pay for those that want unlimited access to fast and legal content right now.

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