Tech giant acquisitions: A Simply Business Infographic
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From GeoCities to WhatsApp, the tech world has seen many a shocking purchase over the last decade. But when it comes to buying up rivals, which of the tech giants is playing aggressive and which is playing safe?

Simply Business has created an interactive overview of all acquisitions by the big five tech giants, Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

According to the infographic, Apple’s approach would appear to be one of ’slow and steady wins the race‘. As the infographic comments, „Steve Jobs saw acquisitions as a ‚failure to innovate‘. Meanwhile, Google and Facebook have been making increasingly larger investments, in contrast to Yahoo! which has made smaller and smaller purchases since its takeover of and GeoCities in 1999, still some of the most costly acquisitions by a tech giant. Nevertheless, Yahoo!’s Marissa Mayer has recently made a large number of smaller purchases while searching for skilled engineers. Latecomer Facebook has quickly caught up to the other tech companies after its $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp earlier this year, giving it the biggest circle on the infographic.

Here are the top five tech giant purchases in the last 15 years:

  1. Facebook / WhatsApp: $19,000 million
  2. Yahoo / $5004 million
  3. Google / Motorola Mobility: $12500 million
  4. Yahoo / GeoCities: $3600 million
  5. Google / Nest: $3200 million

Surprisingly, some of the best-known platforms have comparatively small costs, such as Instagram ($1000 million), Youtube ($1650 million) and Tumblr ($1100 million). Unsurprisingly however, acquisitions of mobile and social platforms have played an increasingly important role in recent years. At a closer look, you’ll also notice a little gap in purchases around 2009, most likely an effect of the 2008-2009 stock market crash.

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