The best Berlin apps for discovering the city
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If you are new to Berlin and you have not quite mastered the art of finding your way around the city, there are some apps that might assist you on your travels.

Whether it is navigating the u-bahn, finding the best burger joint or locating the nicest open air cinema, the apps below can help you find some hidden gems in Berlin. 



  • How much? Free
  • Where can I get it? App Store &  Google Play
  • Why do I need it? This is the official BVG app that corresponds to the public transport system in Berlin. It allows users to purchase tickets via the app without queuing for ticket machines as well as planning the quickest and most convenient routes to desired destinations. The app is available in German and English.


tip-Speisekarte App

  • How much? €3,59 
  • Where can I get it? App Store only.
  • Why do I need it? Tip is your guide to Berlin’s best eateries and culinary experiences. There are over 1,000 recommendations in the Tip app with something for every budget and taste. Whether it’s schnitzel or vegan food you’re looking for, Tip will allow you to search opening hours, reviews, location and price range as well as make a reservation all from your phone.



Ask Helmut

  • How much? Free
  • Where can I get it? Apple Store & Google Play
  • Why do I need it? Ask Helmut is designed to help you find the best events to attend depending on what mood you are in. Users can filter cultural events by film, music, art and theatre and quickly check what is going on in their vicinity.


  • How much? Free
  • Where can I get it? App Store & Google Play
  • Why do I need it? Citymapper is is the winner of Best Overall Mobile App at the Mobile World Congress 2014 and caters for several major cities in the US and Europe. It is designed to help users find their way around the gigantic metropolis that is Berlin. The app is similar to Google Maps but with a nicer design. As well as walking times, public transport times and cycling times the app will also calculate the taxi fare of your desired route.



City Bikes Guide

  • How much? Basic App is free. City Packs are € 4.49.
  • Where can I get it? App Store Google Play
  • Why do I need it? City Bike Guide is an essential for any cyclist in a new city. The app can be used with or without an internet connection and instructs cyclists on their route. The new update is designed to prevent battery drainage. The app also has recommended cycle routes for sightseeing.


Taxi Berlin

  • How much? Free
  • Where can I get it? App Store & Google Play
  • Why do I need it? For those that are used to the Hailo app, Taxi Berlin is your equivalent in Germany’s capital. You can order taxis at the click of a button and pinpoint them directly to your location. The app is available in German and English.



Featured image: Berlin, Germany view. via Shutterstock. Copyright: Sean Pavone

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