The Listserve: Send an anonymous email to 25,000 people
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What would you say if you had the chance to write an email to a thousands of people you don’t know?

Send them a joke? Some friendly advice? Your favourite cat gif?

That’s exactly the chance the Listserve gives its community. Once a day, one person is given the chance to send an anonymous email to the Listserve subscribers.

Listserve: A daily email lottery

Sign up the newsletter and you have the chance to send an email to all other users that have signed up. Every day, you’ll also get an email from one random, lucky member of the community.

So far, the Listserve has collected close to 25,000 subscribers. That’s not quite the one million users that the site is aiming for just yet. But how often do you get the chance to send whatever you feel like to that 25,000 different inboxes?

Originally an early form of electronic mailing, the Listserv was first developed in 1986 as a means of managing automated emails. Today, the concept has been turned into a growing community of anonymous pen pals.

Personal stories and weird nonsense

The content of the emails varies. One day it might a man telling his story of getting knifed in Senegal. Another day it might be a simple reminder to visit your parents more often.

And the next time, you might be reading about a Massachusetts scholar’s research into artificial intelligence.

I’ll be in Alaska next week for a while. Tell me where to go/let’s have a beer.

Many of the lottery winners are eager to take up contact, sharing their email addresses with their anonymous audience. Others simply want to get something off their chest. Like burying a secret of the king’s donkey ears in the ground, sometimes it helps to write, even if no one writes back.

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